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Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Update #54: Game delayed until spring + massive alpha update

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Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter Update #54: Game delayed until spring + massive alpha update

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 31 January 2014, 21:04:49

Tags: Divinity: Original Sin; Larian Studios; Swen Vincke

In the latest Divinity: Original Sin, Swen Vincke reveals that (to nobody's surprise) the game is not going to be ready for release in February. The new release date is "Spring 2014". Here's the video about it, which also reveals that the game's Mac version is coming...sometime soon.

Now for the good stuff. The update also comes with the details of a MASSIVE update to the game's alpha, which you should have received today if you own it. Here are a few of those details:

Character presets:

We've improved character presets and included three new classes:

Rogue: a thief-like mischief-maker equipped with a dagger and bow, specialised in keeping a low profile both in town and in combat.

Cleric: a cross between a warrior and a wizard, with enough strength to carry a mace and armour, but enough wisdom to support and heal your party in combat.

Knight: a two-handed sword wielding brute so invested in strength, (s)he'll need good support and armour to stay energised while hacking a path through the orcish hoards.

The game is, as ever, classless in that you can customise your heroes' abilities however you like; these presets merely provide your starting point.


Each character preset comes with its own unique skills from the start. In this update, you'll get to add a few new ones to your arsenal. Enjoy finding new ways to torment your enemies with Deadly Spores, Infectious Flames, Chain Lightning, Dust Devil, and Battering Ram.

We've revised the effects, chances, and damages of most existing skills. David, D:OS' producer and resident skills wizard, recommends checking out Earth Shield. Why he is tenting his fingers and chuckling maniacally is for you to find out.

Don't forget to keep your skills up to par with your character, and visit the skillbook vendors in Cyseal! Maybe they have an improved version of your Regenerate spell if you feel yours has lost its muster.

Which rule systems have changed?

Magical skillbooks
now require you to have invested a certain number of points in magic abilities. So if you want to learn the improved Winterbreath (aptly named Winterblast), make sure your Water Specialist ability is up to speed.

Items now have a requirement on a primary stat and are no longer level-locked. So if you want to create a glass cannon just so you can wield that impressive two-handed axe you just found, go ahead. But before you do, check out your alternatives, because every weapon, stat, and type of armour has its pros and cons.

The Way of the Warrior ability and the Way of the Ranger ability have completely changed. For every point you put in them, you receive a unique advantage. Check out their tooltips in game for more details!

One important change to the primary stats is that Intelligence now also boosts the damage you do with your elemental magic. Over time, it will also decrease the number of Action Points your magic costs. The more powerful the spells become in the game, the more Action Points they will require, and you will need Intelligence in order to cast them at all! This is also an interesting stat if you want to hang on to your "low level" spells longer: their damage output will shift, and they will cost less AP. The same goes for your elemental specialisations: boost them, and you'll boost elemental damage.

These are only some of the enhancements we've made to the in-game systems - there are plenty more ways to strategise with this update!​

Good stuff! Have I mentioned that they've also added the ability to sit on chairs...and to pull chairs from under the people who are sitting on them? The full changelog of the update is available here, on the game's Steam community hub.

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