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Age of Decadence January Update

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Age of Decadence January Update

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 1 February 2014, 19:07:12

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence; Vince D. Weller

If you own The Age of Decadence on Steam, then you probably noticed that it received an update today. In the game's monthly update over at the Iron Tower Studio forums, Vault Dweller explains what that's about. There's even a sneak preview of the updates for February and March!

Update #2

"Our second update just went live and we’d like to thank you for your support and feedback, which helps us improve and refine the game.

While we have our own milestones, we’ll continue to release monthly updates based on the feedback we receive. For example, the initial feedback was:
  • need a tutorial to learn the system without having to restart the game all the time
  • need more info on the character screen to understand the system better
  • need more traders in Maadoran and better inventories
  • more alchemical ingredients

So, that's what we added in the first update. The second main request is more content for Maadoran. Namely, more quests (especially non-combat quests for loremasters, thieves, and grifters) and more characters to talk to in general. In fact, more characters to talk to (and more worldbuilding) is request #1.

So update #2 adds:
  • 65 Achievements to track your progress and playstyles
  • 3 characters you can talk to (a storyteller in the local inn – his story is related to what Cassius tells you in Teron, if you escort him to the palace; a beggar (near the entrance to the Slums) who served Antidas during his war with House Aurelian, and a clerk working for one of the caravan masters in the Gate district).
  • A small adventure for loremasters and explorers of long-forgotten places; to initiate, enter the Slums and talk to the man standing near a well to the left of the entrance.
  • An arrival of a caravan (an intro quest; just walk towards the arena when you enter the city)
  • A quest revolving around a gem surprisingly similar to the one Feng tries to sell you. To initiate, talk to the owner of the rug store in the Trade district.
  • 2 unique weapons we didn't have time to do before; explore the lower level of the tower of Zamedi to get this ball rolling (disclaimer: crafting skill required)
  • Training with Kemnebi and Erebus.
  • Increased carry weight (you’re welcome).
  • Historically accurate “wolf” helmet and capes – generous contribution from Lexx, one of the community members.
  • Bug fixes, balance fixes, reputation tweaks, quest reward tweaks (money and skill points), etc.

Update #3 (Feb update)

We're planning to:
  • finally finish the journal (the missing pages that say 'not in the demo' at the moment) and organize all the info you're getting in a convenient and accessible manner.
  • add more ingredients you can gather in different locations
  • make some Maadoran fights more challenging
  • finish the reputation adjustments and reaction
  • add more quest solutions as suggested by Brandon and other folks
  • visual improvements to Maadoran
  • more characters to talk to as suggested by Codex's very own Miss Bee - special thanks for taking her time to give us very detailed and very helpful feedback

Update #4 (March update)

Originally, we were planning to release 3 locations, but we made good progress, so we'll try to release 5 locations. No promises at this stage, just sharing some thoughts. The reason is that people keep asking when the hell they get to use all the fancy artifacts, do "not in the demo" quests, and get the teleporter up and running, so we want to fix it all in one massive update and give you another sizable chunk of content to play with.​

Oh boy, achievements. You can view the full changelog of the update here.

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