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Let's raise $1500 for Codexian monsters + NPC + island + dungeon/item in Serpent in the Staglands

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Let's raise $1500 for Codexian monsters + NPC + island + dungeon/item in Serpent in the Staglands

Community - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 1 April 2014, 12:02:13

Tags: Serpent in the Staglands; Whalenought Studios

[Post updated as of April 17 - new stretch goals at $1500.]

You know that pretty Serpent in the Staglands thingy? We're actually running a campaign to raise $1000, with the following rewards, some of them Codex-exclusive:


1. Digital Copy: Everyone who donates at least $15 to the Codex fundraiser gets a digital copy of the game.

2. NEW! $1500 GOAL: Location/Dungeon for NPC OR Mega Item (with questline)

Location/Dungeon for NPC
Even if we don’t get the island expansion (though I think we’re well on our way), I think it would be awesome if you wanted to expand on your NPC/Monster(s) to be included into one of the larger side-quests. We can collaborate on Aptitude-oriented branching paths, narrative ones, and involve some other basic NPCs to flesh it out. You can choose an area to make it happen in and lay it out if you’d like (or design the island and have it there instead of just theme it).


Mega Item

The player can get an awesome item from the NPC that does something crazy. Teleports them like a Myst linking book to somewhere else on Vol, turns into a potential party member, or opens the gate to the Codexian sanctuary. Some cursed box, a chalice, a golden sword, anything you can think of that can have a story/quest revolved around it.​

3. $1000 GOAL: NPC + minions

If you get to $1000 we'll throw in an NPC with minions on top of the monster or location of the previous amount, you can decide a story/quest to go along with that of course to make it your own. ​

4. $750 GOAL: 2nd Monster Race OR Personal Island

Since right now you can definitely design a monster, if you get to $750 you can do a second monster, or if we make it to our next campaign goal [= the $25,000 stretch goal] you can theme your own merchant island that can be sailed to. ​

5. $500 GOAL: Monster Race

Pledge $500 or more: Besides our undying gratitude for your amazing contribution, you'll get all previous tier rewards, plus the opportunity to work with us to design a race of monsters that inhabit the Staglands coast. We'll discuss with you privately what that can involve, and work to turn your vision into something the Stagland's children whisper frightful tales of in the night. You'll be listed in the credits as a Dungeon Master, and have a special ancient crypt holding your Spirit.​

Contributing to this campaign will also get you a new collectable banner you can display under your avatar, just like in the campaigns we've done previously, if you care about things like that.

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