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From Software Acquired by Publisher Kadokawa Games

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From Software Acquired by Publisher Kadokawa Games

Company News - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 28 April 2014, 11:16:36

Tags: Dark Souls 2; From Software; Kadokawa Games

It hasn't been long since the Dark Souls II release, and lo and behold, From Software has been acquired by Kadokawa Games, the publisher behind Lollipop Chainsaw, Metal Max, and multiple games based on various anime series (such as Steins;Gate), the developer of the SRPG Natural Doctrine, as well as an anime/manga publisher. Most famous for the Dark Souls series, From Software was founded in 1986; in 1994, it released its first Ultima Underworld-inspired RPG King's Field, later complemented by other video game series such as Shadow Tower and Armored Core. Gamasutra reports:

Japanese publisher Kadokawa today announced that it has acquired Dark Souls studio From Software, with the aim to take advantage of the company's worldwide influence.

From Software, which is also known for series like Armored Core and Tenchu, will now work alongside Kadokawa Games, the umbrella company's existing video game subsidiary, and the two companies will assist each other when it comes to development and marketing.

In particular, Kadokawa says that it plans to expand to new game platforms, overseas markets and more digital platforms, through the production of new video game IP.

Kadokawa Games is best known for publishing titles like Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead. The studio also develops games, such as Demon Gaze, Natural Doctrine and The Kantai Collection.​

Granted, the From Software owners' intention to cash in on the Dark Souls' success is understandable, but it remains to be seen how exactly Kadokawa will "expand" the studio's IPs, and what this will mean for the overseas distribution. In before Dark Souls visual novel or portable spin-offs?

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