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Fallout reviewed at Quandryland

Fallout reviewed at Quandryland

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 28 February 2003, 17:59:36

Tags: Fallout

Quandryland has posted a review of the Interplay classic, Fallout. Yes, Fallout, that one from October 1997. Here's a clip:

This is the place where I want to talk about the very few flawed aspects of Fallout. For one thing, some have complained that the game is a bit on the short side. This is especially true if you happen to stumble upon the 'correct' path through the game, as I did on my first attempt, finishing with a level 9 character (the average would be around level 18). However, if you take the time to complete most of the available side quests, it makes for a much longer and satisfying passage through the game. Another common complaint was about the 150 day limit to find a replacement water chip, and what used to be a 500 day limit to complete the entire game. The latter restriction is easily removed by applying the version 1.1 patch, which also fixes quite a few bugs, and then you can take all the time you want to appreciate the impressive, almost hidden depth of Fallout. As for the 150 day limit to find the water chip... hey, what's wrong with a little real world urgency imposed on us from time to time, just to make things more exciting?​

All in all, good review.

Thanks to Fenrick for the heads up!

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