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Jan Beuck interview at RPG Vault

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Jan Beuck interview at RPG Vault

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 1 March 2003, 01:34:41

Tags: Restricted Area

Jan Beuck has given an interview to RPG Vault over that Restricted Area game. Here's a taste:

Jonric: In terms of the overall gameworld and the various individual locations you're creating, what kind of world has Earth become by this time?

Jan Beuck:
The gameworld is the Earth in 2083 - it is covered by the contaminated oceans, one gigantic megacity and burned areas, the so-called Wastelands. There hasn't been an atomic war or anything, but the trees are gone and the global government has to pay the OSAKI cooperation, one of the most powerful companies, to produce oxygen from salt water, for which it patented a method.​

I don't know about the Japanese name. This sounds more like something a certain Seattle based company would do.

Spotted this at Voodoo Extreme

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