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Heroine's Quest Updated to v1.2.1, Crystal Shard Launching Patreon Campaign

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Heroine's Quest Updated to v1.2.1, Crystal Shard Launching Patreon Campaign

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 17 June 2014, 12:20:56

Tags: Crystal Shard; Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok; Patreon

Heroine's Quest is a high-quality freeware Quest for Glory-like adventure/RPG hybrid that even made it on the Codex Top 70 RPG list as well as got a pretty favorable review from us.

The game just got updated to v1.2.1 on IndieDB and, I assume, on Steam too. (You can find the changelist on the IndieDB page.) In response to the people who were complaining about the game being freeware, Crystal Shard's Pieter Simoons has also set up a donation page on Patreon allowing you to become a patron by donating a monthly sum of your choice.

Dear fans,

For over a decade, Crystal Shard has created freeware adventure games (e.g. A Tale of Two Kingdoms), action puzzle games (such as SubTerra) and most famously the adventure RPG Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok. These games are completely free; they are a labor of love that we enjoy sharing with the world, and to us they're literally priceless.

Since the release of HQ:THoR, many people have said that they would happily donate money to support us in creating more quality games like this. Therefore, I've started this Patreon campaign for our fans. This is a system that allows you to help the creators you love (such as us!) by donating a small amount of money per month; you'll be a Patron of the Arts. It's up to you how much, and you can cancel at any time; this is to support us in creating more quality computer games. In return, we will give nice rewards to our patrons, such as monthly online design sessions, beta access, or even your own cameo in a future game.​

Also, if there's enough interest, Crystal Shard might do a sequel to Heroine's Quest:

For now, we're working on a non-adventure game, just to do something different (a sequel to Indiana Rodent and the Lost Cheese, which was released as part of the first AGS Bake Sale). I'm also currently looking at graphics for some other games, and if there's enough interest, we may do a sequel for Heroine's Quest in the future as well. Regarding Beer! - that game was released with the second AGS Bakesale, so most people will unfortunately miss out on it for now, but I am sure we will be allowed to release it again eventually.

As to what the mystery RPG on the Patreon page is - I don't know what it will be yet either. It's very mysterious!​

Just like on Kickstarter and similar services, there are different donation/reward tiers on Patreon. Learn more about them here.

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