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Divinity: Original Sin Codex Fundraiser Looting Spree

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Divinity: Original Sin Codex Fundraiser Looting Spree

Community - posted by Angthoron on Sat 21 June 2014, 21:49:58

Tags: Divinity: Original Sin; Larian Studios

With the release of Divinity: Original Sin drawing near, the time has come for Codexians to reap their rewards. Starting now and until Monday 23, 8 PM CET the participants of D:OS Codex Fundraiser will be able to claim their keys and first-wave physical rewards from posters to boxed editions of the game by sending their Larian Vault account name to Angthoron via PMs.

In order to have your loot sent to you, make sure you create a Larian Vault account and indicate the address to which you'll want the stuff shipped if eligible for physicals.

If eligible, have your PM include your t-shirt size as well as point out if it's for male, female or xir, and whether you want your physical copy of the game to be non-Steam. If you don't indicate your wishes, chances are Larian will send you stuff at random. Nothing's worse than getting an M shirt when you're actually XS.

Those receiving physical copies shouldn't worry about delays with playing the game - Larian will be including an installation key that will let you install and play while waiting for your stuff to arrive.

If you can't make it by the deadline of Monday, June 23rd, you will receive your physical loot in the second wave, game keys will be sent prior to game's launch regardless of this.

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