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Age of Decadence June Update

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Age of Decadence June Update

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 8 July 2014, 21:37:43

Tags: Iron Tower Studio; The Age of Decadence; Vince D. Weller

This main part of month's Age of Decadence update is a bit light on content:

Another month is gone. Fortunately, we've hit our goals and even though I barely remember June, I see a truckload of different files and find the progress on all fronts extremely pleasing.

The town and the castle look great and the questlines are well thought through and have a good number of options and an even greater amount of double-crossing and backstabbing. If you want to play an opportunist who is betraying out of habit now, you won’t be disappointed.

As you know each town has a theme and a certain main event. Teron is a frontier town, lawless and dangerous. Very Deadwood-like. The event is a military takeover attempt. Maadoran is more “civilized”, Byzantine and more sophisticated. The event is a power struggle. Ganezzar is a religious town. You saw some preachers here and there, saw Meru’s creed slowly spreading, and now you’ll see where it all comes from and why. The event is the siege.

If you’re playing as an Imperial Guard, you’ll participate in the events that trigger the siege. All the other characters will arrive to Ganezzar (to the Aurelian camp outside the walls) when the siege is already in progress. While your faction may have certain preconceived notions about which side you should be on, you won’t have to do what you’re told.

Anyway, we’re very excited about it and it feels great to see the town becoming more and more "real" and all the questlines falling into place and forming a coherent story, which changes based on the angle you’re looking at it from. We still have a month of work ahead of us before we can star testing the 'base', but it’s definitely going well.
But it makes up for that with a dialogue screenshots section which is among the coolest I've seen yet. I'll make an exception from my usual routine and quote it too:

As for screens of the month, I mentioned Faelan in one of the earlier updates. He’s Meru’s pet “magus” and if you feel like killing him, you’ll have to fight him with your eyes closed, text-adventure style. Mazin, our artist extraordinaire, and I worked on it together which resulted in a 6,300-word document. So, the battle is truly epic, filled with excitement, adventure, and many death screens.

It’s hard to present this fight in a few screens, but I’ll try. There are several reasons to want him dead, from practical to personal. Here is one of them – Glabrio, the guildmaster of the local branch of the thieves guild, sends you to kill him.

The magus isn’t really a magus. He’s a powerful hypnotist, which has the same awe-inspired effect on the locals. He’s very loyal to Meru and overall, if you get to know him, he is a fairly decent guy. Weird as fuck but decent, which is more than can be said about many people.

The rules of this fight are simple: 3 strikes and you're out. A critical strike counts for two. This way if the magus manages to stab you once, the game isn't over yet and you can still fight him and vice versa. A single successful attack won't take the magus out of commission and he might still cut your throat from ear to ear.​

That's right, it's a literal blind fight - because he's a hypnotist, see? Very clever.

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