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Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter Update #82: Creatures; Backer Beta on Aug 18

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Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter Update #82: Creatures; Backer Beta on Aug 18

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 9 July 2014, 20:14:37

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity; Rose Gomez

This week's Pillars of Eternity update by associate producer Rose Gomez is pretty short, focusing on the design of some of the game's creatures. It also officially announces the backer beta, to be released on August 18 already. Good progress there.

Anyway, here's one of the monsters:


Blights are lost souls or soul fragments that have bonded with elemental substances. They are often victims of natural disasters (floods, rock slides, forest fires, etc.). They are incoherent, confused, and full of rage, an amorphous cloud that swirls endlessly and with great violence. Within the vortex, dozens of humanoid shapes materialize and vanish from moment to moment. Faces scream in silent agony while hands desperately clutch and claw at their surroundings, as though still trying to escape their tragic fates.

Bîaŵacs, storms that can rip the soul out of a person’s body, often create blights. If souls are ripped free from their bodies and caught in the center of the storm, they may become stuck together and bonded with any other elemental substances in the maelstrom. They are pure chaos and confusion, and destroying them is considered by many to be a mercy to the souls trapped within them.

Blights have been the subject of controversial research carried out by the animancers of Eora. On the one hand, attempts at vivisection have led to promising strides in treating patients who, for one reason or another, contain within their bodies two or more complete souls fused together, which has been identified as the root cause of a variety of mental and physiological disorders. On the other, however, some groups lament that there is a lack of transparency on the methods being employed in these experiments, the general concerns being that these might be somehow inhumane or present some broader risk to the surrounding populace. There are also some who accuse animancers of deliberately trying to create blights for study, but the veracity of these claims is difficult to substantiate.​

Bîaŵac is such a Sawyerian name. To learn about Xaurips and Vithracks, read the full update.

Additionally, in a move that may prove disappointing to some, Obsidian has decided to only provide developer documentary (which was part of some KS tiers) as digital download, avoiding the physical DVD/Bluray stuff entirely. It's like that thing Swen Vincke is talking about.

The next update will "discuss the Backer Beta in more detail." Looking forward to that.

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