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Gary Gygax interview at Eye on Troika

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Gary Gygax interview at Eye on Troika

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 1 March 2003, 22:17:43

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

Eye on Troika has posted an interview with Gary Gygax, which covers various aspects of his creative influence on D&D as well as the setting of Greyhawk and the Temple of Elemental Evil module. Here's a clip:

EoT: How do you describe the temple itself?

GG: The adventure is a long one that requires players to use hit & run tactics often.  After initial exploring is accomplished, and the first opponents dealt with, some assessment of information and planning is in order, likely done at a safe place in the nearby village.  This same pattern repeats throughout the module.  Based on that, the general description of the Temple is a campaign-length adventure of considerable complexity, with increasing challenges in both problem solving and opponents encountered.  As it was originally written, players could expect a high character fatality level unless considerable caution was employed and expertise exercised.  Doing the ?wrong thing? is quite possible, which can cause the adventure to be a failure in terms of its mission.  I never have heard from anyone who participated in its play, though, who faulted the work in regard to fun and excitement.

High character fatality. Doesn't sound like a happy-go-lucky place, does it?

Thanks, Jesse!

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