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Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter Update #83: Backer Portal, Backer Beta, and Wasteland 2 Keys

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Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter Update #83: Backer Portal, Backer Beta, and Wasteland 2 Keys

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 8 August 2014, 22:48:13

Tags: Brandon Adler; Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity; Wasteland 2

To the surprise of many, the release date for Pillars of Eternity is swiftly arriving, and Obsidian will soon be locking down pre-orders. Today's Kickstarter update has details about some associated changes they've made to the game's backer portal, and about its upcoming beta. I quote:

A few very important changes will be happening on August 22nd.

First, we will be ending the crowdfunding period for Eternity. This means that as of August 22nd, you will only be able to preorder the game and will be unable to back the game at reduced prices. If you have already backed the game before August 22nd this won't have any effect on you, but if you would like to back an additional copy of the game at reduced prices or buy any add-ons, please make sure you do it before August 22nd.

Second, we are completely locking all tiers on August 22nd. This is necessary so we can start the manufacturing process for the various fulfillment rewards.

We are going to completely lock down all surveys as well. We locked these surveys a few months ago for anyone that had in-game content (items, NPCs, inns, etc.), but we were still allowing people to enter in content for their credits and memorial stones. So, if you have any remaining credits or memorial stone surveys to finish, please do so before the 22nd.

Wasteland 2

If you backed a tier which included a Wasteland 2 key we have exciting news for you. Starting now, you can head over to the Products tab in your Account Profile to snag your Wasteland 2 Steam key. Please note: Only Steam keys are presently available. If you want Wasteland 2 on GOG, that won’t be available until InXile has released the game.

Address Verification

For those of you that will have physical goods shipped to you, you may now view your address on record. If you have a physical goods order, please verify that the address we have on file is correct. You’ll have some time to update us if not; we’ll let you know exactly when we need to stop taking address changes.

Add-on Purchases

One of the cool new features we have been working on is the ability for backers to purchase additional add-ons without having to create a new order or cancel existing orders. This means if you would like to add a beta key add-on (or any other add-on) to your order you can do so easily.

Backer Beta

Backer Beta is still on track to be released on August 18th. There were some key pieces of information I wanted to make sure everyone knew about, though:
  • We will be releasing the Backer Beta on Steam only. The reason for this is because Steam makes the process of uploading new builds much easier than other platforms. This will allow us to put out updated versions of the game more quickly than we could otherwise. The main game will still be available on all previously promised options (Steam, GOG, etc.)
  • You will be able to download your Backer Beta key from our backer portal. Once we release the Backer Beta, we will send instructions on how to get your key.
  • The Backer Beta key WILL NOT be the same key that you use to get the final game. It will only give you access to the beta version of the game. The main reason we are doing this is so that backers are not locked into Steam for the final version of the game. For example, you can use Steam for the Backer Beta and GOG for your retail copy of the game if you wish.
  • For feedback, we will be creating a special forum for Backer Beta discussions and bug reports. Our QA Lead, Matthew Sheets, will be on the forums often to collect data and get it input into issues for the team to fix.
  • Initially, we are releasing the Backer Beta on Windows only. We are still working out a few kinks on Mac and Linux, but we expect that we will be able to release those a few weeks after our initial release, if not sooner. We want to get Mac and Linux players in the game as soon as possible too.
That's it for the update. Our next update will be when we release the Backer Beta!
See the full update for instructions on how to use the backer portal's new features. Although as of this writing you can't because the portal has crashed due to all the traffic. :o

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