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Obsidian working on a Pathfinder game - could be an Eternity CRPG + card game

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Obsidian working on a Pathfinder game - could be an Eternity CRPG + card game

Company News - posted by Zed on Tue 12 August 2014, 19:13:22

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Pathfinder; Pillars of Eternity

The hot buzz.. word... the latest rumors on the web is that Obsidian Entertainment is working on a Pathfinder game.

My source is Codex member tuluse, whose source is the Obsidian forums, whose source is enworld.org, whose source is some podcast, whose source is a Pathfinder developer who posted the accompanying picture on Facebook and shortly after removed it.

This would be the accompanying picture:


Looks legit to me. I guess we'll hear more of this soon.

Update: Codex member Athelas remembered something Feargus told RPS some time ago:

Nothing stops us from being able to do those two different things. It’s going to make us look at Eternity as a brand. What else can we do with it? I want to hook up with the Pathfinder guys and see about doing a Pathfinder Eternity world book thing. It sounds a little weird, but… A card game. A board game. I’ve already been chatting with Cryptozoic Entertainment. We have nothing going on specifically, but they have a lot of experience in board games and card games. That’s what’s going to be transformative.​

Update 2: Apparently this might be two related games at once, a CRPG and a card game, according to the hint dropped by Lisa Stevens, Paizo CEO:


In the same thread, she also posted:

All will be revealed this weekend. Well, maybe not all.

Press release tomorrow. More details throughout the weekend. We are talking about more than one type of game. I think you guys will be happy.

Btw, they are NOT taking over Pathfinder Online. Let's squash that right now.


According to Lisa, it's also not a tabletop version of Pillars of Eternity.

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