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Blackguards 2 Feature Demonstration at Gamescom

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Blackguards 2 Feature Demonstration at Gamescom

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Thu 14 August 2014, 20:38:37

Tags: Blackguards 2; Daedalic Entertainment

A German YouTube channel called Orkenspalter TV has this footage of a 28 minute gameplay demonstration of Blackguards 2 with producer Kai Fiebig.

The demonstration offers a very comprehensive look at the game's new features, which include:
  • The new strategy game elements, such as attacking and defending towns and recruiting various types of mercenaries.
  • A more informative user interface, that reveals more of the underlying statistics of characters and equipment.
  • The ability to select your party's starting positions in a battle, within limits.
  • A stamina mechanic.
  • A leveling mechanic inspired by D&D(!). Apparently, they received express permission from the Dark Eye license holders to do this.
  • Cover mechanics.
  • Overhauled hit/miss mechanics, making missing far less probable when an enemy is cornered.
  • The introduction of a unique race of demons to the game world, with a variety of nasty abilities.
  • A travelling army camp that serves as the player's home base, with merchants and also the ability to interrogate captured prisoners.
  • A non-linear storyline, with choice and consequence based on what territories you choose to conquer and which objectives you achieve in battle.
  • An overwatch mechanic that lets you fire at enemies when it's not your turn.
  • Weapon Talents represented as percentiles in the character sheet, to make them easier to understand.
  • An intuitive line of sight display on the battlefield.
  • The option to plunder, brutalize, or be kind to the cities that you conquer, with appropriate consequences.
  • Separation of active and passive Special Abilities in the character sheet.
All in all, it looks very Sawyer-Approved™.

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