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Daedalic Entertainment

Daedalic Entertainment

There are 41 articles associated with this tag:

25-Mar-2020 [Game News] Iron Danger Released
8-Jun-2017 [Codex Review] RPG Codex Review: The Long Journey Home
30-May-2017 [Game News] The Long Journey Home Released
14-May-2017 [Game News] Daedalic's The Long Journey Home begins on May 30th
4-Jan-2017 [Codex Review] RPG Codex Review: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
22-Sep-2016 [Editorial] RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2016 - Expeditions: Viking, Tyranny, Space Hulk: Deathwing, Styx and more
16-Mar-2016 [Game News] Daedalic's Star Control 2-inspired The Long Journey Home gets teaser trailer, coming late 2016
22-Sep-2015 [Editorial] RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2015 - Project Daedalus, Hard West, XCOM 2, The Mandate and Fallout 4
10-Sep-2015 [Editorial] RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2015 - SpellForce 3, ELEX, D:OS EE, The Guild 3, Daedalic and more
6-Mar-2015 [Review] RPG Codex Review: Blackguards 2
20-Jan-2015 [Game News] Blackguards 2 Released
13-Jan-2015 [Game News] Blackguards 2 New Features Video, Part Three + GOG Livestream
11-Dec-2014 [Preview] RPG Codex Preview: Blackguards 2
9-Dec-2014 [Information] Blackguards 2 New Features Video, Part Two
13-Nov-2014 [Game News] Blackguards 2 available for pre-order at Humble Store, release date is January 20th
6-Nov-2014 [Information] Blackguards 2 New Features Video, Part One
23-Aug-2014 [Preview] RPG Codex Gamescom Report, Part 1: Tacticool Goodness and Adventures Galore
14-Aug-2014 [Preview] Blackguards 2 Feature Demonstration at Gamescom
13-Aug-2014 [Game News] Blackguards 2 New Teaser Trailer
7-Jul-2014 [Codex Interview] RPG Codex Interview: Blackguards 2
21-Jun-2014 [Game News] Blackguards 2 E3 Impressions at RPGFan
10-Jun-2014 [Game News] Blackguards 2 Announced
4-Mar-2014 [Game News] Blackguards: Untold Legends DLC Released
28-Feb-2014 [Codex Review] RPG Codex Review: Blackguards
18-Feb-2014 [Game News] Blackguards DLC and Major Update Announced
22-Jan-2014 [Game News] Blackguards Released
21-Jan-2014 [Information] Blackguards Chapter 1 Released as Free Demo
29-Dec-2013 [Game News] Blackguards Chapter 4 Now Available on Steam Early Access
19-Dec-2013 [Game News] Blackguards: Full Character Creation Option Confirmed
12-Dec-2013 [Game News] Blackguards Chapter 3 Now Available on Steam Early Access
26-Nov-2013 [Game News] Blackguards Chapter 2 Now Available on Steam Early Access
13-Nov-2013 [Preview] RPG Codex Preview: Blackguards
6-Nov-2013 [Game News] Blackguards released on Steam Early Access
18-Oct-2013 [Preview] Blackguards Preview at the Yogscast
16-Oct-2013 [Game News] Daedalic's Blackguards delayed until January 2014
31-Aug-2013 [Game News] Daedalic are looking for beta testers for Blackguards
2-Jul-2013 [Interview] Blackguards Interview at Strategy Informer + Previews at GameBanshee
14-Jun-2013 [Preview] Blackguards E3 Gameplay Preview at GameSpot
30-May-2013 [Interview] Blackguards (Daedalic's Turn-based RPG) Interview at Gamereactor + Video Preview
29-Mar-2013 [Preview] Blackguards Preview at PC Gamer - a tactical, turn-based RPG from Daedalic
22-Mar-2013 [Game News] Blackguards, a new Dark Eye RPG from Daedalic Entertainment

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