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Blackguards, a new Dark Eye RPG from Daedalic Entertainment

Blackguards, a new Dark Eye RPG from Daedalic Entertainment

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 22 March 2013, 15:14:58

Tags: Blackguards; Daedalic Entertainment; The Dark Eye

The incline just keeps coming this week! The latest news is that Daedalic Entertainment, a German developer more well known for their adventure games, plan to release an oldschool turn-based RPG this year by the name of Blackguards. The game will be set in the world of The Dark Eye, which is also the setting of Drakensang and the classic Realms of Arkania games. GameBanshee has the press release:

Daedalic Announces Blackguards, Its First Turn-Based RPG

Bolstered by the success of their celebrated adventure games, the developers at Daedalic Entertainment are now off to new frontiers. This summer, Blackguards, the studio's first turn based RPG will be released.​

Framed in a significantly darker story than you usually find in Daedalic games, the player will walk in the boots of a convicted murderer as he travels through Aventuria's wild south. On this journey the protagonist is accompanied by companions of varying loyalty: scoundrels and thieves like the half-elf Niam (and her latent drug addiction) or the lecherous wizard Zurbaran.​

Blackguards features hordes of lethal creatures and other enemies waiting to be taken care of on more than 170 unique battlemaps. A number of major and minor quests ensure exciting and diverse gameplay through the campaign.​

As can be expected in all Daedalic titles, Blackguards focuses on strong storytelling, now combined with action-packed gameplay and tactical, turn-based combat. Blackguards delivers more than 40 hours of adventure in Aventuria.​

Blackguards will be available internationally in Q3 2013.​

About the Game

What happens when the only hope of a threatened world lies not with heroes in shining armor but in the hands of a band of misfits and criminals? Blackguards – the new turn-based RPG by Daedalic Entertainment – explores this very question. The player takes on the role of a convicted murderer, who with the help of a team of more-than-questionable characters, must save the world from a dark menace. During the wild chase throughout the South of Aventuria, the world of The Dark Eye, there is more to fight than vicious creatures – chapter by chapter, a story full of intrigue and surprising twists unfolds. But when life and death are in the player’s hands, how far will they go to reach their goals?​

The first turn-based RPG by Daedalic Entertainment unites the studio's high standard of a suspenseful storytelling and unique characters with gripping battles in elaborately crafted 3D-environments. In taxing campaigns the player takes part in a dark story full of doubt, betrayal and loss.​

Whether the player chooses to go into battle as a mighty warrior, a clever wizard or a skillful hunter, the first battle isn’t far away. Over 170 individually crafted battle maps full of interactive objects and strategically complex situations lead the player to exotic locations and put them through deadly trials. http://www.blackguards.de

An exclusive interview at the website Riot Pixels has more information:

Riot Pixels: How long Daedalic has been working on this project?

Florian Pett: This April it’s been two years.​

RP: What is the story of Blackguards? And who are these Blackguards, anyway?

FP: The story of Blackguards is basically that of a circle of childhood friends who get separated after one of them, the main character of the game, is accused of murdering one of their friends.​

The Blackguards are a fellowship of rogues and outlaws, joining the main character on their way through the world. Everyone is hiding something and they aren’t of the confiding type either, but they are the only friends the main character still has in this dangerous world. The protagonist is in search for the real murderer but on this journey struggle and setbacks will be a constant companion in a story written by death and betrayal.​

The interview is very informative, and there's way too much for me to quote it all, so just go over there and read it.

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