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Blackguards 2 New Teaser Trailer

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Blackguards 2 New Teaser Trailer

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Wed 13 August 2014, 11:09:27

Tags: Blackguards 2; Daedalic Entertainment

Daedalic just released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming tactical RPG Blackguards 2, showing some scenes from the game. Here's the relevant part from the accompanying press release:

Daedalic Entertainment’s Blackguards are back – better than ever before. In a new teaser we can not only show you first scenes from our upcoming SRPG Blackguards 2. Our development team also listened closely to all the community and press feedback on the games’ successful first installment. Now they’re putting their back into making Blackguards 2 even better than its predecessor.

Blackguards 2, which just like the first game is based on the ruleset of The Dark Eye Pen & Paper RPG, will offer players a further improved implementation of the Dark Eye rules and a more comprehensible character generator – but also larger and more demanding battle maps, more interactive items as well as new enemy classes and many new mission, which will require the players’ whole strategic skills.​

You should also hear more from our very own Darth Roxor soon, who is currently on his way to Gamescom.

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