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Serpent in the Staglands Kickstarter Update #12: Pre-buffing, Incantations, New Video

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Serpent in the Staglands Kickstarter Update #12: Pre-buffing, Incantations, New Video

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 19 August 2014, 21:24:13

Tags: Serpent in the Staglands; Whalenought Studios

The good-looking pixel art, Darklands- and Baldur's Gate-inspired RPG Serpent in the Staglands has a new Kickstarter update, talking about pre-buffing, incantations, and the upcoming beta. Oh, and it also includes a new video. Here's a little something:

Incantations and Imps

The two aptitudes in the video below demonstrate some ways of augmenting your character and surroundings, of which all of the aptitudes can do with their non-dialogue uses. The incantation book can be used by those with linguistics, and it allows you to type in curses against people, monsters and the environment. The imp is for philosophers, and it allows you to drain stats from fellow party members and boosts your own.

Embracing tactical creativity and giving you fun systems to use/abuse on anyone is an undertaking, and you can bet that’s been taking a while to test properly, but we think has been worth the development time. We’re setting up the game to be a good DM to any party, whether they want to burn down an entire village or kill the one thief hiding out in an inn. Nothing levels with you, so wandering into a high-level area with some good tactics to use can net some well-earned XP.

Pre-Beta and Beta Testing

As we prep the rest of the beta areas, we were hoping to get some help in the form of us sending out our original vertical slice, augmented with all the polish up to this point, to get a few folks thoughts on controls and layout. We’ll pick a few backers at random for this, so if you’re interested in playing around with mechanics, leave a comment letting us know and include the operating system you’re using. Much obliged in advance!

We know we said that the beta would be ready around end of summer, but we decided to re-arrange our timeline a bit and move some polishing and testing to before the beta, so that the game and it's many features would be fully functional and included. With this change, our testers would get the best representation of the game possible for testing the things we'd like them to and what they'd like to give feedback on. Primarily that would be skills, balance, and how many ways they can find to OP their party. This means we'll ultimately have less polish to do down the road than originally planned, and hopefully the beta delay won't affect the release plans by much.​

Check out the full update (which also includes some nice-looking gifs) here, and be sure to vote for SitS on Steam Greenlight.

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