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Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Update #55: New combat trailer, plus the usual physical release drama

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Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Update #55: New combat trailer, plus the usual physical release drama

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 4 September 2014, 19:33:20

Tags: inXile Entertainment; Thomas Beekers; Wasteland 2

With Wasteland 2 just two weeks away from release, inXile have produced a cool new trailer for the game. It's a kind of "tutorial trailer" that demonstrates the depth and variety of the game's character and combat systems, with narration by General Vargas himself. You can see it in the latest Kickstarter update, which also has some information about the game's physical release.

Hello Rangers!

Thomas here with some odds and ends of housekeeping as we come every closer to release! But let's kick off with a bang. Here's a new Wasteland 2 trailer hot off the presses, showcasing the intricacies of our character and combat system:

On to the housekeeping…

Options for Getting the Game

As we have mentioned during the Kickstarter and after, the way we'll be distributing digital copies of the game will be through a number of our digital retail partners, including the most popular and DRM-free options. When you redeem your key(s) on release day, you will be able to pick from these digital retailers:

Steam will no doubt be the go-to option for most of you: Wasteland 2 will be added to your Steam library, it will automatically update to the latest version and it offers cross-platform support, meaning your single key is valid for Windows, Mac and Linux.

GOG.com is a fully DRM-free option. They support Windows, Mac and Linux as well.

We may offer more options, but the above should cover every wish from fully DRM-free to auto-updating on each of our platforms.

Physical copies will be shipped out to the address you listed on the Ranger Center. All physical copies – retail and backers – will need the ability for a day 1 patch system. By the time physical copies arrive to backers the gold master version we sent out for print will be a month and a half old, and will be missing vital optimization and balance passes, as well as systemic changes like the addition of headshots that we recently put in. We need to ensure that our players are experiencing the most up to date code, so we will be utilizing the automatic updating system that Steam provides for physical copies.

Every physical copy tier comes with a digital version of the game also, where you can pick the fully DRM-free GOG.com or Steam. If you prefer a fully DRM-free physical copy we will be willing to print and ship a day-1 version of the game to you at a later time, simply contact us through the Ranger Center if this has your preference.

Steam Keys & Beta Access

After hearing from our backers on the beta key "locking you" into Steam and discussing the issue with Steam, we found a nice solution for people who want to opt into the beta but receive a final copy somewhere else. We will be adding a "Revoke Key" button on the Ranger Center which will deactivate your Steam key (automatically removing it from your Steam library) and reset your digital retailer choice, allowing you to go back and choose another one of our digital retailers such as GOG.com.

If you have redeemed your Wasteland 2 beta key on Steam and plan to play the final game on Steam, you don't have to do anything, your beta key turns into a full release key automatically on release day.

Looks like they ended up doing exactly what Divinity: Original Sin did. Let the nerdrage begin.

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