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Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - A Real-time Dungeon Crawler on IndieGoGo

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Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon - A Real-time Dungeon Crawler on IndieGoGo

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Sun 7 September 2014, 10:11:39

Tags: Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon; Indiegogo

As a big fan of the old first-person real-time dungeon crawler Dungeon Master: Chaos Strikes Back, I wanted to let those of you who don't read our forums know that there is currently a Chaos Strikes Back- (as well Dungeon Master- and Grimrock-) inspired "blobber" Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon seeking €9,000 in funding on IndieGoGo:

Dungeon Kingdom is not just going to dust off the dungeon crawling genre; we also believe it will be a worthy ancestor [sic]. We expect the game to have the following features:
  • Modern graphics and powerful dynamic lighting and shadows system.
  • Multi-platform: Dungeon Kingdom is designed for and is strongly optimized to run on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices! It has scalable rendering system, to make the most of any device.
  • Advanced AI and wide array of creature behaviours. Don't be surprised if some smart creatures sneak up behind you to attack!
  • Advanced interactions with the environment: for example, you can set fire to the curtains, as seen in the video.
  • Cross platform features: for example, you can save your game on PC and retrieve it on your mobile to carry on playing where you left off.
  • Multiple Environments: you won't get bored by the environments in Dungeon Kingdom, and there are lots of surprises to find!
  • Strong story background: because a Dungeon Crawler can be more than just fight / kill / get treasure, we have created a solid back-story.
  • Realistic Physic engine, allowing for new kind of puzzles and realistic animations.
  • Different play modes are available to fit best any player experience.
  • Modern, but not invasive, features such as achievements.
  • To keep the game immersive, Dungeon Kingdom's world is made of continuous levels, there's no fading or loading between levels, except for major environment changes.
We could go on for ages, and also mention most of the traditional features like heroes, team creation, spell creation and many more...

However, I want to insist on something that will make Dungeon Kingdom stay in your memory when you play it: its level design...! A real-time dungeon crawler is also a matter of ambience, tension and immersion; we spend an immeasurable time on level design! We want to burn in your memory all corridors and pieces that you will explore in Dungeon Kingdom! We want to feed your nightmares! Those who have lost their soul two decades ago in the game "Chaos Strikes Back" and its great level design will love Dungeon Kingdom!​

You can also take a look at this early gameplay video:

A real-time dungeon crawler with level design inspired by Chaos Strikes Back with an addition of physics and "advanced AI" is something I can always get behind. Check out the IndieGoGo campaign here. (Warning: flexible funding.)

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