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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Alpha Released

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Alpha Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 23 October 2014, 13:06:03

Tags: Kingdom Come: Deliverance; Warhorse Studios

As promised in the game's previous update three weeks ago, the Kingdom Come: Deliverance alpha (which Warhorse is calling a "technical alpha") was released to eligible backers early this morning. The accompanying Kickstarter update has the details:

We proudly present you the Tech Alpha version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance! This is a very important milestone for us as it gives us the first chance to show you what’s already been created and what we are aiming for. At the same time also providing us with the first chance to get direct feedback from you!

Your feedback is very important to us in the following steps of development. Seeing videos and screenshots is nice, but touching and feeling the interactive piece with all your senses is way better. Therefore backers with the Baron Tier and higher will get the chance to meet Henry and experience his life in 1403.

Usually Alpha version means that you get a finished game with plenty of bugs, rough edges and missing parts. We would like to approach the Alpha early access phenomenon a bit differently. So how our Alpha look like? Our Alpha version is more likely a Technical Alpha.

What does that mean? The Tech Alpha version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a collection of several technical aspects and game mechanisms in a more or less advanced state of development. The playable content will grow in stages (updated versions approximately every two or three months), adding new aspects, settings or game mechanics to the Alpha. You’ll get the chance to become acquainted with Kingdom Come: Deliverance step by step and can delve into more and more of our world as the amount of the content grow. Interested?

All eligible backers get their unique code on their profile at www.KingdomComeRPG.com. Please visit our site and register there, so you can manage your credentials like address, preferred platform or T-shirt size.

The Alpha is accessible for Windows PCs only and via Steam service. Your unique code will open the game visible and downloadable. After you install it, your initial journey can begin.

Unfortunately this early in development a wide variety of technical problems while downloading, installing, and launching the game are probable. Therefore if you run into any issues we will be happy to help. If you would like to share your opinion, please visit our forums or contact us and we’ll do whatever we can to help you.

Please consider that the game is far from finished and the bugs are there. We appreciate your feedback from the gaming experience!
The update also has some screenshots, as well as a stand-alone version of the alpha trailer we've already seen. Rather than post that again, I'll show you one of the many LPs of the alpha that are already up on YouTube.

Quite majestic. But still a bit rough.

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