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Pyrodactyl Games' new Kickstarter - Late To The Party, a Cold War espionage RPG

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Pyrodactyl Games' new Kickstarter - Late To The Party, a Cold War espionage RPG

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 7 November 2014, 01:42:02

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Pyrodactyl Games, developers of Unrest, launched the Kickstarter campaign for their next game today. It's called Late To The Party, and it's a "Cold War espionage RPG", where you play a KGB agent in the Baltics during the final days of the Soviet Union. Like Unrest, it appears to be a story and dialogue-focused CYOA-ish thing. Here's the pitch:

Late to the Party is an espionage RPG about the struggles, fears, and turmoil of the oppressed during the dying days of the Soviet Union. Use your contacts, tools, and wits to stay alive in the midst of a dangerous historically-inspired conspiracy.
  • Play it safe and fudge the facts, or stick your neck out to uncover every last link of the conspiracy in a branching storyline.
  • Use your character traits, KGB spy tools, and improvised equipment to cover your tracks and further the investigation.
  • Balance your allegiances and always cover your tracks if you want to stay alive.
  • See the Baltics come to life with locally inspired art and music.
  • Enjoy dialogue and scenarios dripping with dark humor from the makers of Unrest, a critically acclaimed narrative RPG funded via Kickstarter.
  • Full mod support lets you create your own worlds and adventures.
  • Late to the Party will be available DRM-Free on multiple digital stores, without any DLC or microtransactions.

The Baltics have suffered the casual contempt of Communist occupiers for more than half a century. Goods are scarce, jobs are reserved for Russian transplants, and a bottle of liquor in the right hands could mean the difference between safety and death for your family.

Resources are stretched thin. The oppressed are striking back. And those in power are growing increasingly desperate.

You are a local woman groomed by the KGB to investigate your own country. Your smarts, drive, and history of criminal behavior make you an ideal recruit - assuming you remain loyal to your crafty superiors, your power-mad coworkers, and the crooks that make up your intelligence network.

Revolution is brewing. With the right information, you can be the Soviets' greatest agent - but with the right reason to fight, you might just be their greatest miscalculation.

Late To The Party's funding goal is 50,000 Canadian dollars, and its estimated release date is October 2015. For more screenshots and information, check out the Pyrodactyl website. You might also be interested in this "Postmortem Postmortem" for Unrest, which explains why Late To The Party's funding goal is so much higher than Unrest's. Let's hope they make it - it's not every day that you get an RPG that lets you play as a Lithuanian hitwoman.

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