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Harebrained Schemes' next games are Soulslike dungeon delve Necropolis and a new Shadowrun campaign

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Harebrained Schemes' next games are Soulslike dungeon delve Necropolis and a new Shadowrun campaign

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 7 November 2014, 02:26:02

Tags: Harebrained Schemes; Necropolis; Shadowrun Returns

Last month, I noticed that Harebrained Schemes were hiring developers for a new game. The mention of 3D worlds and procedural generation made it clear that this was not a new Shadowrun game in the works. Today they revealed what that was all about. Harebrained Schemes' new project is Necropolis, a procedurally generated "diabolical dungeon delve" with third person perspective action RPG combat. The game has a website and a devblog, but the real information is at its presskit page:

Welcome to Necropolis - a game of brutal combat and survival, set in a magical deathtrap that shifts and reconstructs itself around you. Will you find the exit, or die trying?*

*SPOILERS: You'll probably die trying.

The archmage Abraxis took his secrets to the grave.

There, in the depths of a huge complex constructed by magic, lies the greatest collection of magical items and treasure that the world has ever known. After all his conquests and victories, Abraxis retreated to his Necropolis to work his magic, in darkness far removed from the rest of civilization.

The mazes and corridors of the Necropolis shift and change at the whim of the Brazen Head, a magical intelligence created by the archmage. Part butler, part taskmaster and part tormentor, the Brazen Head mocks, goads and pushes adventurers deeper and deeper into Abraxis' domain.

This is because, unlike most tombs, the Necropolis invites adventurers in; it needs them. Those who die within its walls feed the magic that powers the shrine. It is a trap, a self-perpetuating machine feeding on souls. Dead adventurers spirits turn arcane wheels, and their corpses are repurposed as Automatons; magical marionettes that prowl the corridors searching for intruders.

And the Necropolis is much, much bigger on the inside than the outside. Oh, and it shifts and changes at the whim of the Brazen Head. And it’s filled with Abraxis’ greatest enemies, and every monster ever encountered during his adventures. Did we not mention that?

Thousands have entered the Necropolis. Legend says, somewhere inside, undead and immortal, Abraxis presides on an onyx throne. In ten centuries, only one adventurer has escaped, and I’m afraid he emerged quite mad. But you... I’m sure you’ll make it out just fine. You seem like the adventurous type.

  • AN ADDICTIVE THIRD-PERSON COMBAT SYSTEM. At its core, Necropolis is an action game. Unlike other popular Roguelikes, Necropolis features a combat system based on timing and animation. It’s fast and deadly - learn to anticipate enemy attack patterns, time your actions for maximum effect, and use smart combinations of heavy and light attacks to defeat your enemies. You can’t just button-mash and win.
  • AN EVER-CHANGING DUNGEON. Every playthrough offers new threats, room layouts, magic items and more. The system is designed to shift and change, even as the adventurer moves through it, and there are areas that allow the player to change modify or “reroll” their current layout.
  • SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Collect components to create magic potions, and locate mystical books to upgrade your adventurer with runes and spells. The Necropolis is a living labyrinth filled with mystery and wonder; can you unlock all its secrets?
  • A LIVING ECOLOGY OF THREATS. Monsters interrelate in the Necropolis. Learn to exploit a Monster’s favorite food, or least favorite predator.
  • STYLISH VISUAL DESIGN. The world of Necropolis is one not quite like any other. Necropolis features a dark, low-poly aesthetic full of strange shapes, funky colors and unexpected constructions.
The release date is "2016". But yeah, while this might be a cool game, it's not the kind of experience we typically prize on the Codex. Luckily, there's another game that Harebrained Schemes didn't announce today, even though its existence is publicly visible on their Job Openings page. That's right, a new Shadowrun campaign! And for real, this time - though who knows, maybe they were hiring for it all along. I guess we'll learn more about this later on.

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