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Pillars of Eternity Livestream with Josh Sawyer and Jesse Cox

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Pillars of Eternity Livestream with Josh Sawyer and Jesse Cox

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Fri 14 November 2014, 00:56:02

Tags: Josh Sawyer; Obsidian Entertainment; Paradox Interactive; Pillars of Eternity

As promised in the recent press release, Paradox and Obsidian arranged for a livestreaming of Pillars of Eternity today, hosted by Josh Sawyer and played by YouTube Let's Play personality Jesse Cox. The gameplay demonstrated in the stream is not from the currently available beta - it starts right from the beginning of the game, which we haven't seen since back in July. Jesse is rather annoying and not a very good player, but the upside of that is that he takes a much longer time to fumble through the beginning content, so we get to see a lot more of it.

The stream is about two hours long, and at around one hour through it reaches all new areas and content that we didn't get to see back in July. That includes joining up with one of the game's permanent companions, the wizard Aloth, and a visit to an inn with the rather apropos name of "The Black Hound". And in case you're worried about spoilers, well, they turn off the streaming of the game during the most important story sequences, so it's not too bad.

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