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Dark Souls Migrates from GFWL to Steamworks

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Dark Souls Migrates from GFWL to Steamworks

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Mon 15 December 2014, 21:25:46

Tags: Dark Souls; From Software

In a move that should have happened sooner, From Software's Dark Souls no longer uses the dreaded GFWL, now relying on Steamworks instead:

Dear Dark Souls fans,

You can now update your Dark Souls™ Prepare To Die Edition for PC game to replace the Games for Windows Live functionality with Steamworks functionality. The update is available from today – December 15th and will let you keep both your Save Data and Achievements.

Please read below or visit http://steamcommunity.com/app/211420/discussions/0/626329187083042093/ to read the update process.

If you played or are currently playing Dark Souls™ Prepare To Die Edition, you will be able to update and keep your Save Data and Achievements. The Save Data and Achievements transfer service is being provided from December 15th to February 16th. From February 16th, the new version using Steamworks functionalities will become the default version of the game.​

The post also contains detailed instructions on how to proceed in order to get your copy of the game to use Steamworks.

The update breaks DSFix's framerate unlocking feature, though, so be warned. Here's what Durante has to say about it:

The Dark Souls Steamworks migration update is now live. As I expected, most DSfix functionality I implemented (which is based on API call interception) remains operational, but the framerate unlocking (based on binary hooks) does not work with the new version. This part was implemented by Nwks, so we should hope that he is still around and interested in updating it for the latest version. If not, I can try, but it lies outside my expertise and could potentially take a lot of time (which I’d rather spend on other projects). Of course, there’s also the chance for anyone else to step in, as all the code is available on github.

For now, you can use DSfix with the new version as long as you disable the framerate unlocking feature in the .ini file.​

And finally, since From Software couldn't avoid messing this up somehow, apparently the Steamworks multiplayer is region-locked. Have fun.

UPDATE: Durante has updated DSFix already, so you can now play in 60 FPS: http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/?p=652

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