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Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter Update #15: Arvan Eleron and Rock Paper Shotgun Interviews

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Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter Update #15: Arvan Eleron and Rock Paper Shotgun Interviews

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Fri 30 January 2015, 18:43:39

Tags: Andrew McIntosh; Gregory Wilson; Harebrained Schemes; Jordan Weisman; Mitch Gitelman; Shadowrun: Hong Kong

So, that Twitch interview with Mitch Gitelman and Andrew McIntosh took place last night, as recounted in the latest Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter update. The streamer was a gentleman who calls himself Arvan Eleron, and he did a pretty damn good job of an interview. It was about two hours long, with one hour of questions from Arvan and another hour of questions from viewers. Rather than summarize it myself, I'll just point you at our Shadowrun: Hong Kong thread, where user GarfunkeL helpfully transcribed many of their most interesting responses. But you can also watch it yourself:

In other news, Rock Paper Shotgun posted the second part of their two-part interview with Mitch and Jordan Weisman yesterday, in which they too passed on various questions from their readers. Here are a couple of the more pertinent questions and answers:

RPS: Darkheart says “Haven’t had the chance to play Dragonfall, yet, so I don’t know if it changed by now, but what greatly irked me was the lack of a loot system. That’s kinda half of RPG fun missing for me at least. Will this be rethunk in the Hong Kong iteration?”

Mitch: So we’re not just revamping a loot system or something like that, because it’s really not part of the Shadowrun setting. First of all, you don’t get experience points for killing people, you get what we call Karma for completing objectives or doing things cleverly. For example, in Dragonfall, there are more things to find, more things that drop during the game, but one of the things we’re adding in Hong Kong is the ability to when you pick up something that’s been dropped, you can assign it to any one of your team members. The ability to swap inventory items between your team mates, we’re giving you much more control of that as well.

Jordan: In Shadowrun, we don’t think picking random stuff up off the floor is a lot of fun. So everything that drops on the floor is actually useful in some more significant way.

Mitch: There’s stuff to find though in the game. By searching you can find things, which is more of a Shadowrun thing.

RPS: VexingVision says “Please ask them about branching plotlines. Will the new plot be as rail-roady as the other SR Modules?”

Jordan: One of the things we’re extremely focused on is more content. One of the reasons we’re careful about responding to requests for more feature sets is we want more content, and more content means less linearity. With Dragonfall we took that next to step to less linear, and with this one we’ll take that step even further to less linear. It’s not an open world game, it’s never going to be GTA, but in terms of more branches and choices for a player to move down, we are incrementally getting better and better.​

Also, props to Mitch for smacking down that guy who asked for the game to be made easier.

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