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Icy, a post-apocalyptic ice age survival RPG, now on Indiegogo

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Icy, a post-apocalyptic ice age survival RPG, now on Indiegogo

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 24 February 2015, 00:46:22

Tags: Icy; Inner Void Interactive

Remember Zaharia, the Middle Eastern-themed isometric RPG that went on Kickstarter last year but failed to meet its funding goal? Well, now the team behind that game, Inner Void Interactive, is back with a new project - Icy, a survival RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world witnessing a new Ice Age. Icy was actually announced back in May 2014 as "Project Frozen World" and significant development has already gone into the game, so the very modest Indiegogo campaign launched today is only meant to provide funds for the finishing touches. Here's the pitch video and feature list:

  • Live a survival experience in a peculiar post-apocalyptic setting.
  • Create your character, characterizing it choosing among 3 main attributes and 10 different skills that affects the whole game.
  • Influence the plot with different choices, changing the course of events that will lead to multiple different endings.
  • Manage to keep together group of survivors, each one with different needs, values and ideals.
  • Scavenge for items and hunt for food, face the challenges of the Frozen World.
  • Enjoy more than 400 hand-drawn artworks.
  • More than 10'000 dialogue lines.
  • Day/night cycle that affects the gameplay.
A mere 5 dollars will get you a copy of Icy, which is scheduled to be released in June this year, but only if the fundraiser hits its 2500 dollar goal. You can learn more about the game from the dev diaries that were posted on the official website over the past nine months. Don't forget to vote it up on Steam Greenlight, too. Oh, and yes, the name is temporary.

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TARGET: $2,500 USD

RAISED: $2,099.50 USD (83%)

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