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Seven Dragon Saga Kickstarter Update #6: More on Classes and Races

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Seven Dragon Saga Kickstarter Update #6: More on Classes and Races

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 16 March 2015, 23:17:46

Tags: David Shelley; Edwin McRae; Seven Dragon Saga; Tactical Simulations Interactive

The TSI guys are continuing to post more information about Seven Dragon Saga's gameplay systems. In last night's Kickstarter update, narrative designer Edwin McRae and Dave Shelley wrote about the game's races and classes. Ed wrote about one race/class combination in particular, the Kralik Pitfighter, from an in-universe perspective:

In the damp forests and jagged valleys of Kralik, the tribes have always fought and bled for survival and the approval of their War Gods. It's said that Kralik children are born with a blade in their hand and that they thirst not for their mother's milk, but for blood and glory! And legends have it that those favoured by the wild Kralik gods can see as keenly as the jungle hawk, move as subtly as the black panther, and sense danger as acutely as the most skittish shadow monkeys.

Whether there is more than an ounce truth to these tales or not, it matters little. The proof is in the witnessing. By their thirteenth year, most Kralik men and women have taken a life in battle. And should they live to their thirtieth year (and few do), a Kralik is truly a martial force to be feared!

Hence they make such superb candidates for the fighting pits of the capital. And what better manner in which to reveal those ferocious Kralik warriors that have been 'touched' by the forces of chaos. What better way to ensure that our Emperor is gifted only the finest of killers?

Tatzuki, Chronicler of the Empire
And Dave gave an overview of all of the game's races, in a separate blog post on the game's official site:

I’ve talked about the specifics of character creation in an earlier update. In this one, I’ll discuss some of the specific Races from a technical perspective. Edwin McRae, our narrative designer will be showcasing them from a Lore perspective. We have eight Races and eight Classes designed, but we won’t commit to having them all in the initial game until we finalize some budget aspects. I’ll talk more about Classes and Specialties in the future.
  • Shade Elf. One of two elvish races, with the Shade Elves living in the deep forests close to the imperial homeland. The are very mobile, fast (Running and Flash Step Abilities), never surprised, and acrobatic.
  • High Elf. Much closer to their Fae ancestors, the High Elves have a close link to the Dreamlands. They can restore their long term health through trance, so they can remain awake through the nights. Sealed doorways are no barrier and High Elves can pass through them without opening the door. They have the Fate ability which reduces the effects of Crticals and Fumbles for themselves and increases them on their opponents.
  • Imperials. The humans who lead the empire, martial and noble. They have a bit of luck, some resistance to damage, both short and long term, plus a bit of combat move to avoid Opportunity Attacks, and Fastdraw to speed up weapon switching.
  • Half-Shade. The Shade Elves are close enough to the heart of the empire to interbreed with the Imperials. As one might expect, they have some resistance to damage, some mobility, still can’t be surprised.
  • Dwarf. From the harsh desert lands, the Dwarfs have high resistance to damage, and to knockback and knockdown.
  • Kralik. A human race from a tropical, mountainous southern province; less developed, with wild and dark gods who provide them resistance to magic, greater luck, a single use per encounter teleport, and unnatural sight (see invisible).
  • Drakyri. A race interbred with dragon blood, though they have destroyed their relationship with the dragons in the previous generation. They avoid the dragons by hiding beneath the earth. They have good movement, including Surefooted, which allows them to ignore difficult terrain, and can operate in full darkness. They can sleep while wearing their armor, making them safer while camping.
  • Feydri. The sisters to the Drakyri, who mended their disagreement with the dragons. Their more recent connection to the dragons gives them unnatural sight, along with Surefooted, some toughness and agility.
Check out the full update and post for some concept art of a few of those races.

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