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Pillars of Eternity Released

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Pillars of Eternity Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 26 March 2015, 19:19:27

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity

Two and a half years of development. Almost 2000 pages of Codex discussion, full of hope and rage. Of all the fruits of Kickstarter, none has had an impact on our site like Obsidian Entertainment's spiritual successor to the Infinity Engine games, Pillars of Eternity. And today, over twelve years since the release of the last original Infinity Engine title, it's finally here. Obsidian haven't yet released any new Kickstarter update in honor of this occasion, but there is a launch trailer:

I should mention that the game is reviewing extremely well - it's clearly going to be both Obsidian and Paradox's highest rated game ever. Here's a list of all the reviews and impressions pieces we were able to find:
Hopefully, our own review won't be a long time coming. For now, let us rejoice, for the heirs of Black Isle Studios, after a decade of eking out a meager living in the shadows of BioWare and Bethesda, have finally taken their rightful place at the top of the roleplaying genre. Pillars of Eternity is now available on Steam, GOG and various other digital retailers for the price of $45.

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