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Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets new alpha version, delayed to summer 2016

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets new alpha version, delayed to summer 2016

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 3 April 2015, 14:34:43

Tags: Dan Vávra; Kingdom Come: Deliverance; Warhorse Studios

Eligible backers of Warhorse Studios' authentic Czech historical RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, received a new version of the game's technical alpha yesterday. In the latest Kickstarter update, Daniel Vavra describes the alpha's new features, which include new quests, preliminary voice acting, lockpicking, and more. The next version of the alpha will finally add combat, horseback riding, and other core features, and a Wasteland 2-style publicly available Steam Early Access beta is planned after that. But the real reason I'm posting this is that the game has, to the surprise of few, been delayed to the summer of 2016. Here's the update:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Tech Alpha update 0.3 introduces new quests, temporary voice overs (without face animations for now), basic perception, UI and map fixes and lock-picking mini-game.

Technology Alpha is available to backers with Baron Tier or higher, who pledged both on Kickstarter or on our website. Watch Daniel Vavra talking about lock picking on YouTube:

The next Tech Alpha update 0.4 will be introduced on gaming conference E3 and will contain bunch of new quests, new location next to Samopesh village, stealth, horse riding and the sword combat.

Backers with the Knight Tier or higher can look forward to the end of the year 2015, which will bring Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta version to their desktops. We would also like to make the Beta available to newcomers over Steam, so we can get feedback from more players.

Full version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be released later then announced in Kickstarter campaign. We have made a great progress in 2014 as you can see in the last video update, we doubled our staff, moved to new offices, built a motion capture studio, released technology alpha, finished the quests documentation, made bigger map, implemented AI, prepared assets for new locations, tested the console versions, made first original music tracks and much more.

Although we make great progress every month, there is still a lot of work ahead of us. We feel obliged to our backers to deliver the game with promised stretch goals in the best quality, thus we have decided to postpone the release date to summer 2016. We believe that our backers will support our decision to spend more time with polishing the game and its features. We are looking forward to your feedback from playing Tech Alpha 0.3.

Can't wait to taste some of that official Kingdom Come: Deliverance beer.

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