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Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Q&A

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Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Q&A

Game News - posted by Angthoron on Wed 1 July 2015, 13:27:33

Tags: David Walgrave; Divinity: Original Sin; Larian Studios

On Monday, Larian had a Twitch stream of D:OS, a presentation similar to the one at E3, followed up by a half-hour long Q&A session.

If you watched any of their E3 presentations, the first half hour is probably not interesting, so may want to skip to the Q&A portion of today’s stream (35 minutes in).

Our user Stabbey provided us with a handy list of highlights from the session:
  • Any word on an official 4-Player mode? “Not one word on 4-player mode.” They’re being coy. That’s not a yes or a no, which says to me that they’re probably trying to get it working, but can’t guarantee it.
  • No shapeshifting.
  • Will be localized in French, German, Polish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Spanish.
  • You need to select the voices in the character selection screen. There are four male voices and three female voices.
  • They’re still working on changes to crafting.
  • They haven’t done many changes to the modding tools to make them more user friendly. The editor is much more stable than it was a while ago, but they seem dubious about the possibility of changes to the modding tools.
  • Is loot randomized? There is no more savescumming for loot. Treasure is generated when you enter an area, this helps make things more balanced, because now the item generator can make sure there aren’t a billion swords and zero daggers, for instance.
  • You cannot play splitscreen with both a controller and a keyboard.
  • No news on a sequel. No DLC planned for D:OS.
  • Will Zombie companions get angry if you heal them with poison? They don’t know, there’s a lot of changes.
  • Respeccing removes skills, are there any changes in that area? They don’t know, but there are no longer unique, one-time-only skill books. You can learn every skill multiple times.
  • Shops restock after you level up OR after 1 real-time hour.
  • Kickstarter backers CANNOT get a copy of the EE for Console instead of PC, that’s too difficult.
  • More character models? No new player models, only new enemy models
  • Is there a “Capture the face” option in character creation? No.
  • Is it easier to focus on enemies in melee? No, but controllers can select targets, and mouse and keyboard can use top-down overview to aid in that.
  • The Sneak mode on consoles is kinda awkward-looking, having to open a menu. But there won’t be a better way, there are not enough buttons.
  • No new companions in the EE, but improvements to existing ones.
  • What’s changed to make more versatile hybrid builds? You could already make versatile builds, but the changes the skill system make them even more valid. You may start out as a full-on Fighter or Wizard, but at about level 12, you’ll have to decide whether to continue on as a full-on character aiming to get Master skills, or you’ll start dual-classing.
  • No day/night cycle in the EE.
  • New Talents to support Wands and Grenades. Other Talents have been rebalanced, but it doesn’t sound like there are fresh Talents after that.
  • Grenades are a bit like the Master skills, in that Master skills cost a lot of AP, but have a big AoE and you need to get your guys out of the way. Grenades are powerful, but… not precision weapons.
  • Story is not completely different, it’s just a lot more clear and well-paced. Some characters may have are been mentioned in books or diaries and then aren’t mentioned again for another 15 hours, by which time the player has forgotten. Stuff like that has been worked on.
  • Novice, Master, Adept skills now have their own skill slots, so for one school, you can have say 9 Novice skills, 5 Adept skills, and 1 Master skill learned, instead of just 9 skills learned total for that school. (NOTE: Those are examples, I don’t know the actual values). They said a single point lets you learn 2 Novice, 0 Adept, 0 Master.
  • Everyone can dual-wield, but if you don’t have points in the Dual Wield ability, you suffer a penalty to damage and AP cost.
  • Is the Leech Talent fixed? Is Vampiric Touch better? All the skills got a good look at, they rebalanced and redid a lot of things, so there’s a good chance.
  • Some skills now require a shield, but I don’t think there’s a Shield Bash.
  • Tanks get a taunt skill
  • Rogue “Daggers Drawn” skill was probably removed and replaced, because it was similar to the fighter’s “Flurry” (except kinda lousy). For example, there used to be three classes which could inflict Bleeding status (Witch via Bloodletting, Fighter via Draw Blood), but now the Scoundrel is the only one who can do that.
  • Explorer mode has easier combat, and the AI refrains from using certain skills.
  • D:OS:EE will be playable at Gamescon.
  • There are save-or-die skills in the EE, like the Monstrous Egg. You can plant a spider egg in a target, and if the target doesn’t pass a saving throw or kill the caster, the target dies. Enemies can have skills like that too!
  • Lava still instakills everything.
  • Tip: You should invest into perception, if only for all the traps.

Some changes seen in a sneak preview of Tactician Mode, minor spoilers below (the first fight):
  • In the first battle – The conduit is met at the start instead of a generic guy. – This is a story change for all versions.
  • Also, Tactician spawns two new skeletons at the new fight.
Shamelessly stolen from Stabbey's post. Thanks, Stabbey!

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