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Temple of Elemental Evil developer chat log

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Temple of Elemental Evil developer chat log

Interview - posted by Deathy on Wed 12 February 2003, 03:34:01

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Troika Games

Temple of Elemental Evil developer chat with Troika log, 11/02/03

[Saint_Proverbius] HI! We're starting! Troika people, introduce yourselves. Everyone else, send me QUESTIONS
[TimCain] My name is Tim Cain. I like CRPG's and bags on my head and chocolate.
[[Troika]Steve] I'm Steve Moret, lead programmer and guy who left his home phone number up on the board so Huy could get his picture taken and embarass the hell out of me.
[[Troika]Steve] I think everybody else is too shy.
[Troika-Corey] I'm Corey Pelton, character animator and janitor
[ReAnimator[Troika]] I am Craig Matchett, character modeller
[troika_hnguyen] Huy Nguyen, programmer, sick as a dog (but not cooter-pooch)
[SunRa] I'm Lucas and I make backgrounds!
[TimCain] Well, thanks for coming everyone...
* troika_hnguyen waves
[bwarmack] Im Bryan Warmack I take Lucas' background and make it look 3d

[Deathy] Dan Asks: 1. How much will the game be open for different types of players? Will it be possible to play an absoulte evil player? Or rely solely upon speech skills?
[[Troika]Steve] Tim do you want to field this one?
[TimCain] Our goal is to make the game complete-able for all kinds of characters
[TimCain] But that is NOT to say it will be easy
[TimCain] We have dozens of NPC followers you can pick up, and speech skills make that easier
[TimCain] And of course, we full suport the evil player character :)
[TimCain] er, full=fully
* troika_hnguyen is now known as [troika]hnguyen
[TimCain] I think any party will be possible. Let's see what QA tells us.
[[Troika]Steve] I don't think you can solely rely upon speech skills though. Some combat is necessary, although it doesn't have to be fatal combat.
[TimCain] And your followers can do that combat.
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] Dan asks: 2. How many different towns/locations will we see in the game aside from Homlet and the Temple itself?
* SunRa is now known as [troika]SunRa
[TimCain] Eight.
[[Troika]Steve] Good question; There are bout eight major areas, but they are multi maps. um... I don't want to spoil anything but there are quite a few maps.
[[troika]hnguyen] all lovingly crafted by the artists :)
[TimCain] I could give a complete description of each...
[[troika]SunRa] lotsa BIG maps
[TimCain] The Temple is VERY big.
[TimCain] NEXT
[bwarmack] no thanks t lucas

[Deathy] Dan asks: 3. How will the followers react with the PC? Will they have their own motives and agendas or will they succumb to your intentions?
[TimCain] Many of the followers have their own agenda. They join for specific shares of treasure, and many will leave when their goals are completed.
[TimCain] As with all things in the game, some of this can be altered by the player, using the right skill(s)
[TimCain] This is part of the reason we do NOT want you to have full control of an NPC or be able to see his character sheet
[TimCain] We need to hide some information, for DRAMA
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] Dan asks: 4. How would items be treated? Will all the items be in specific places like in Fallout or will there be some kind of random generated treasure/items?
[[Troika]Steve] A little from column A, a little from column B. :)
[TimCain] And, you can make your own items, with item creation feats. Don't rely on what WE give you!
[[troika]hnguyen] we also have treasure tables, adapted from teh original module (?)
[TimCain] But in summary, most items are placed. Some are generated.
[TimCain] NEXT

[Deathy] Dan asks: 5. Will the comat system include only turn based combat (please, god) or will there be an option for real time as well?
[[Troika]Steve] Dan certainly has an agenda...
* BuddyLee has left #RPGCodex
[TimCain] No real time
[TimCain] None
[[Troika]Steve] There is no real time.
[[troika]hnguyen] although you can do "combat" oriented actions "outside" of combat
[[troika]hnguyen] (that then initiate turn-based combat)
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] [Sahin] How is resting handled?
[[Troika]Steve] Wow, thats a generic question.
[TimCain] There is a rest button on the main interface. It can be in three states: no rest allowed, resting with encounters, and safe resting with no encounters
[[Troika]Steve] Well resting is needed to regain spells, you can specify amounts of time in which you want to rest (the deafult is to get all spells back). You can only rest in areas that are safe (otherwise you get random encounters)...
[TimCain] You can rest for a certain amount of time, or until healed.
[[Troika]Steve] You can use rest to pass game time (if you are waiting for a specific event).
[TimCain] You need to pay to rest in inns.
[[Troika]Steve] The icon looks like a little Tent. Even though Tim doesn't think it looks like a tent.
[[troika]SunRa] I thought that was your resting socks...
[TimCain] I have been told its a tent
[[troika]hnguyen] there was a spell i was looking at that i was thinking, could be used in our game as "allow the party to rest here, without encounters"
[donamating] looks like a resting cigarette
[TimCain] Resting is also useful for some quests, which rely on time of day
[TimCain] There aren't a lot of those, but some.
[ReAnimator[Troika]] resting is also good for tired artists
[TimCain] NEXT

[Deathy] [Sahin] Will familiars keep the gp requirement?
[[Troika]Steve] We hope so.
[[Troika]Steve] We are planning for them to still cost the gp requirement.
[[Troika]Steve] Technically familiar summoning isn't in yet :)
[TimCain] :(
[TimCain] It will make it in
[TimCain] [beatings]
[[troika]hnguyen] i just finished the XP and GP costs for spells that require them :)
[TimCain] [less beatings for Huy]
[[Troika]Steve] And all the xp and gp costs for item creation work :P
[[troika]hnguyen] wooohHOO!
[TimCain] [more beatings for Steve]
[TimCain] [I mean less]
[[Troika]Steve] I think the beatings signal next :)
[TimCain] NEXT!

[|Mistress|] [Sahin] Will there be rideable horses or any other mounts?
[[Troika]Steve] No mounts, engine wouldn't really support them well.
[TimCain] No, unfortunately, no horses or mounts. Thus, not mounted feats or Ride skill
[TimCain] NEXT

[Deathy] [Sahin] Will death be handled in the classical perma-death manner?
[[Troika]Steve] I'm not quite sure what the classical perma-death manner is?
[TimCain] Um...perma-death...
[TimCain] You die. You're dead. Someone raises you. You are alive.
[[Troika]Smoove_B] Unless you piss that someone off, then he won't raise you.
[[troika]hnguyen] maybe they are asking about whether the XP penalty will be there if you die
[TimCain] Ah, the dreaded XP penalty...
[TimCain] I don't like that. But it's cannon. What to do...
[[Troika]Steve] Oh, we're still hung on whether or not to charge a level/xp for dying.
[TimCain] Hung...
[ReAnimator[Troika]] well you do have true ressurection
[donamating] we're not hung on this like we're hung on the horses are we?
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] [Sahin] What sources were considered when deciding which prestige classes were in the game?
[[Troika]Steve] We considered lots of stuff...
* TimCain looks at TheRook
* [troika]hnguyen glares at TheRook
[TheRook] We have gone through all of the class books trying to get good class and alignment coverage
[[Troika]Steve] Tomb & Blood, Sword & Fist, Masters of the Wild... we wanted lots of coverage and we think we came up with some good picks. Some are a little hand tweaked and one was made up (I think).
[ReAnimator[Troika]] the requirements for most prestige classes make them very hard to achieve
[[troika]hnguyen] i think we paged thru the vile darkness book also, hehe
[[Troika]Smoove_B] Esp. hard to acheive any good levels in them by level 10.
[TheRook] We had to tone down the requirements to make them achievable by level 6 so you could benefit from the abilities
[TimCain] Prestige classes are still on the cool stuff list, but if we add them soon, they will go in
[donamating] i think it's safe to say that we are still modifying prestige classes and how they'll work in the game.
[[Troika]Steve] Most of the prestige classes we picked you could enter at around level 6 or 7 and get 3 or 4 levels of them.
* TimCain makes a note: more beatings
[TimCain] NEXT

[Deathy] [Sahin] If I'm not mistaken, a spellcaster only has to make one concetration check a round to avoid AoOs, is this true in ToEE?
[[Troika]Steve] (one sec programmers consulting)
[[Troika]Steve] You should be able to cast defensively to avoid all attacks of oppertunity.
[[Troika]Smoove_B] It's implemented pretty close to the rules.
[[Troika]Steve] Once you take damage I don't recall if you make concentration checks each hit, or at the end.
[[Troika]Smoove_B] You make one concentration check. It's dc is the total of all damage inflected through aoo's incurred when casting the spell
[[Troika]Smoove_B] +10
[TimCain] That's how we've been playing PnP
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] [Rawis]When are we going to see some real ingame screenshots?
[donamating] that's a good question
* [Troika]Corey slaps donamating around a bit with a large trout
[donamating] there's that one on Huy's screen seen on gamespy... =)
[[Troika]Steve] Unfortunatly all assets have to go thru an approval process, so it isn't necessarily dependant on us.
* ReAnimator[Troika] slaps donamating around a bit with a large trout
[[Troika]Steve] We have plenty of art/screens in the pipeline, hopefully they will get released and we can put up a new website, etc.
[[troika]SunRa] you could jsut take our word for it that they are snazzy? :)
[TimCain] So it's out of our hands
[TimCain] NEXT

[Deathy] [MetalWyrm] here's a q: will the game feature a tactical kind of view in combat? such as you can lie down to incrase aim and decrease armor (get damaged easier) or elevation advantages?
* Sahinphyte is now known as Xerophyte
[[Troika]Steve] No elevation advantages ("High Ground" in 3rd Ed).
[[Troika]Steve] You can drop to prone to lose dex bonus to AC but gain +4 vs ranged attacks.
[[Troika]Steve] But in general its not a good idea to do.
[TimCain] You can make use of cover too.
[[troika]hnguyen] xcom/ja2 was cool with the kneeling and the prone and such ;)
[TimCain] No prone attacks for ToEE
[[Troika]Steve] In summary it should be nearly as tactical as 3rd ed.
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] [ecliptic_] Seeing as the backgrounds are prerendered, what is being done to facilitate the feeling that the environment is dynamic and interactive?
[[Troika]Steve] Woohoo art question!
[donamating] some sweet stuff
[[troika]SunRa] Well, the big thing is the clipping that bryan has done, along with realtime props
[[Troika]Smoove_B] We've got 3d animatated objects, placed particle systems, bunch of stuff
[[troika]SunRa] you can walk behind stuffspell effects clip againsts walls and such
[donamating] there are also diff versions of the map art that correspond with the time of day
[donamating] so, things will look diff in nightime light
[ReAnimator[Troika]] the characters are 3d and have dynamic lighting
[[troika]SunRa] enviromental particle effects, like leaves falling, insects swarming trees in swamps...
[[Troika]Smoove_B] sweet smell of the green earth wafting up from the earth....
[[Troika]Smoove_B] well ok no smells.
[TimCain] NEXT

[Deathy] [ecliptic_] If I remember correctly, 3rd edition rules require weeks for the creation of a single magic item, how is this dealt with / modified?
[TimCain] Requiring weeks is not fun. So that's GONE!
[[troika]hnguyen] hahah
[[Troika]Smoove_B] You have to be in a place where you can rest though
[[Troika]Steve] We removed the time thing, it its more fun our way.
[TimCain] Yes, remember that all important Rest state, mentioned earlier...
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] [Vikjunk] What rating are you guys shooting for ToEE?
[[Troika]Smoove_B] 10/10!
[TimCain] 98%
[donamating] ha
[[Troika]Steve] I think they meant maturity... which we as employees of troika games have none.
[TimCain] A+?
[TimCain] Oh
[TimCain] M
[[Troika]Steve] I'm thinking we'll get raited M, but with luck wall mart will carry us :)
[TimCain] We have some Mature stuff. Maybe Teen. I mean, we're not Vice City
[[Troika]Corey] what's beyond M, lets shoot for that
[bwarmack] x
[[Troika]Corey] sweet
[[troika]SunRa] PLushie X?
[donamating] XCellent
[TimCain] NEXT
[[Troika]Steve] Good timing on that next there Tim.

[Deathy] triCritical asks: Arcanum had a fairly large development cycle, considering they tried to do a lot with the construction kit and multiplayer. Still many people said the game was unfinished. My question is do they believe they have had sufficient time to make ToEE a quality title or is it meant to be a fairly short and consice game that will be the beginning of more Greyhawk modules?
[[Troika]Steve] I think the short schedule insures that it will be a complete and consice game.
[TimCain] We always want more time. "A title is never finished, only shipped"
[[Troika]Smoove_B] We are aiming for a shorter game than arcanum though
[TimCain] But we are sensitive to getting these features done.
[[Troika]Smoove_B] Which doesn't mean short.
[donamating] We totally expect ToEE to be a quality title...
[[Troika]Smoove_B] Just shorter.
[TimCain] Size isn't everything, right?
[[troika]hnguyen] according to yoda
[TimCain] NEXT!

[|Mistress|] [Spazmo] How, if at all, has Troika modified the original Temple of Elemental Evil module in order to keep the game fresh for people who have already played through it in Pen-and-Paper sessions?
[[Troika]Steve] Well its 3rd Ed now!
[[Troika]Smoove_B] You don't have to roll the dice yourself!
[mysteriousLee] LOL
[TimCain] Since there were no dialogs and no quests in the original, yes, there's a lot of new stuff.
[[troika]SunRa] Tim's DMing it for you?
* [Troika]Smoove_B looks at Tim
[donamating] figurines are no longer required either... they don't stay on my screen, so that's good
[TimCain] So ToEE is how we might have run the module. And we did change some things...
[[troika]hnguyen] less described NPCs were fleshed out by the design team
[[Troika]Smoove_B] Everyone i've talked to who has played the module has had a different experience...
[[Troika]Smoove_B] There are as many different TOEE's as there are DM's...
[TimCain] Some new NPC's, new maps, new items, new dungeon dressing (glances at SunRa)
[TimCain] um...NEXT?
[[troika]SunRa] :)
[ReAnimator[Troika]] a sweet monster surprise

[Deathy] [Spazmo] Beyond the question of visual quality, why did you choose to go with prerendered backgrounds instead of a tile based engine? Wouldn't tiles have allowed you to do some cool stuff like destroyable walls and other objects?
[[Troika]Steve] If McCarthy were here we know what he'd say.
[[troika]hnguyen] wasn't it because of visual quality? ;)
[[Troika]Smoove_B] There's something beyond visual quality?
[[Troika]Steve] We liked the prerendered backgrounds because of the level of visual quality. We lost the dynamic features, but we didn't need the VAST world size that tiling gives.
[[Troika]Steve] We had a limited number of explicit maps that we wanted to look visually diverse. Tiles don't give that feeling like the backgrounds do.
[TimCain] We also wanted irregularly shaped areas to be true to the module
[[Troika]Steve] And of course we found two GREAT level artists to do the work for us.
[mysteriousLee] we can have destroyable things if we want, but with 3d objects... if we want.
[TimCain] Two!
[[Troika]Smoove_B] If you play some tiled games, all the levels look the same very quickly.
[[troika]SunRa] PLus 3d prop dressing really spices it up
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] [Section8] How much support will there be for third party content?
[[Troika]Steve] Support for it? None. We are not planning on releasing any tools or docs on the game.
[[Troika]Smoove_B] Sorry :) short schedule means something has to go.
[[Troika]Steve] Is it easy to mod, probably... but that of course would be frowned upon (wink,wink)
[TimCain] This time around, it is single-player only, no mod, no MP

[Deathy] [stravaig] question: are spiked chains really in? last i heard they were wish-list. they'd better be in. i mean that.
[[Troika]Steve] Its entirely art related, code wise they can go in.
[[Troika]Smoove_B] Mike's character is a master of chains, so at least one team member has a vested interest in getting it in.
[TimCain] It's still cool list, though.
[[Troika]Corey] i'm all for it!
[TimCain] NEXT
[[Troika]Steve] Chains are just hard to dynamically animate/model.

[|Mistress|] [Kal_The_Paladin] No ECL races like aasimar and tieflings? No chances AT ALL?
[TimCain] There's always a chance. An asymptotically low chance...
[[Troika]Steve] I don't think we will have time to implement all the ECL related stuff. I know its mostly just xp/level stuff but we passed that milestone a while ago. There is always a chance, but ... as tim said... low low low chance.
[[Troika]Smoove_B] Cool stuff list.
[TimCain] NEXT
[[Troika]Steve] Technically subraces aren't even supposed to go in (they are cool stuff) but enough support is in that I think they will probably make it.

[Deathy] [Kal_The_Paladin] If my character is equiped with, lets say, full plate AND cloak, will the avatar display the cloak? Or just the plate?
[[Troika]Steve] This is actually written on my board :) hahaha what a good question.
[ReAnimator[Troika]] yes
[[Troika]Steve] If you are wearing a robe, I don't render cloaks. Otherwise everything gets rendered.
[TimCain] Yes, you can see both.
[TimCain] It's good looking too.
[[troika]hnguyen] naked is more fun
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] [Kal_The_Paladin] From Kain ] there will be any uber power gaming type items?
[donamating] ahh, another interesting question
[[troika]hnguyen] spoiler alert?
[[Troika]Steve] There is at least one artifact level item in the module.
[[Troika]Smoove_B] Module is full of nasty items.
[[Troika]Steve] I wont say what it is.
[TimCain] You can make stuff too. Use up that XP! Use it!
[donamating] yeah... basically restricted to what's in the module... unless you make it
[TimCain] NEXT

[Deathy] [Briosafreak] How are the vignettes going to be implemented?can you tell us more about them?
[[Troika]Steve] Maybe, and Tim can, maybe.
[TimCain] Each vignette establishes the reason for your party to be in Hommlet.
[TimCain] Therefore, each one gives a quest, your starting quest, which may be easy or hard to finish. We like variety.
[TimCain] Anything else would spoil the fun, I think.
[[Troika]Steve] NEXT :)

[|Mistress|] [AnimatedU] My question regards party alignments. It is mentioned in the UberFAQ ( http://mywebpages.comcast.net/ibnobody/ ) that you are thinking that True Neutral characters should be allowed in parties that form around the corner(extreme) alignments of LG, CG, LE, and CE. However, it also says that you think that True Neutral should not be allowed in the edge (ethos) alignments of NG, NE,LN and CN. What is your justification considering that a True Neutral character shares no ethos in common with such a corner-aligned (extreme) party? It would seem to me that aTrue Neutral character would be more opposed to working with an corner(extreme) alignment than an edge (ethos) alignment. I have frequently seenTrue Neutral characters associate with many alignments, even edge (ethos)alignments, in other D&D products. I would hope that you will allow characters to join edge (ethos) alignments based on the fact that they are classically found working for such groups, either as friends or asmercenaries. Is there any chance you will allow for this?
[[Troika]Steve] WHOAH :)
[[Troika]Steve] Tim loves to talk about this... :) we will let him field it.
[TimCain] The True Neutrals are the one alignment I haven't decided on.
[[Troika]Smoove_B] These are the questions that rip at tim's soul...
[TimCain] On the one hand, I may allow it in ALL groups.
[donamating] tim still has a soul?
* [Troika]Corey slaps donamating around a bit with a large trout
[TimCain] On the other hand, I may just allow it in the center group.
[TimCain] I haven't decided.
[[Troika]Smoove_B] he has several purchased at discount rates.
[TimCain] I *like* the Law group being the three Lawful alignments. Not those three plus TN.
[TimCain] It's a purety thing
[TimCain] Um purity
* [troika]hnguyen slaps donamating around a bit with a large trout
[[troika]SunRa] Any fool can try and save your soul, but not every soul is worth buying :)
* ReAnimator[Troika] slaps donamating around a bit with a large trout
[TimCain] Anyway, there you go. I may not decide until 30 seconds before gold.
[TimCain] Next?

[Deathy] [BuddyLee] Will the game be based on the new D&D 3.5E rules?
[[Troika]Steve] I think we have to say no comment at this time.
[TimCain] trying...to...type...
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] [Panath] The recent screenshots look to be very early work. Is the game on track for a release this year? I think I read June somewhere, is that accurate?
[[Troika]Smoove_B] There are no screenshots.
[donamating] I think we have to say no comment at this time.
[TheRook] We are currently working to a June schedule
[[troika]hnguyen] might mean concepts and early renders
[[Troika]Steve] We are on track to release a game in June. There are other factors that may make the game released later. I guess the ID response applies, it'll be done when its done.
[TimCain] "Games are never finished, only shipped"
* TimCain looks for the echo
[TimCain] NEXT

[Deathy] [Eric_Dallaire] has anyone asked whether clerics of different gods will refuse to work with an opposing deity? or if there are custome dialogues for those situations?
[[Troika]Steve] Eric Dallaire!
[[Troika]Steve] Cool :)
[[Troika]Steve] Tim is typing, be patient :)
[TimCain] You can only have clerics of opposing dieties in the same party if you are playing TN party alignment
* mysteriousLee slaps donamating around a bit with a large ...
[TimCain] We allow it, but the extreme aligned characters WILL get different dialog options
* ReAnimator[Troika] slaps donamating around a bit with a large trout
* [Troika]Corey slaps donamating around a bit with a large trout
[donamating] get that thing out of my face
* [troika]hnguyen slaps donamating around a bit with a large trout
[TimCain] I imagine there will be tension.
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] [MetalWyrm] q, will there be a demo, and if so, when?
[donamating] aparent-lee you guys are a bit sore, and so you're looking for new things to slap around?
[[Troika]Steve] On the schedule the demo is slated for the same month we deliver the final game, so I don't think it will be early.
[TimCain] NEXT

[Deathy] [enclave] Have you guys selected a composer yet?
[[Troika]Steve] I decline to comment.
[[Troika]Steve] But that is my opinion.
[donamating] what exactly do you mean by composer?
[Deathy] Music, I think.
[TimCain] Infogrames is supplying music and sound fx.
* [troika]hnguyen slaps donamating around a bit with a large trout
[TimCain] NEXT
[donamating] fair question... music vs ambient sound or action noises...

[|Mistress|] [Gerko] Will it be possible to export/import characters ? (perhaps L1 only?)
[[Troika]Steve] I originally wanted to have an export tool so you can load your characters into D&D 3ed E-Tools.
[[Troika]Steve] But they were supposed to give me an XML schema... still waiting.
[TimCain] NEXT
[[Troika]Steve] We will probably have some kind of export tool, just incase you need to import your characters into something else...... hmmm...

[Deathy] [Ainamacar] Will there be a muttish NPC companion available?
[[Troika]Steve] Anything is possible, we do follow trends in our games.
[TimCain] Yes
[TimCain] NEXT
* TimCain has very few ideas...
[[Troika]Steve] Its because you are a simple man.

[|Mistress|] [Joe_Smoke] Can you instruct followers to use non lethal force?
[[Troika]Steve] Its because you are a simple man.
[[Troika]Steve] Not currently, although it sounds like a good idea.
[[Troika]Smoove_B] Yes, you can take a -4 to hit to deal subdual damage as per ph
[[Troika]Smoove_B] oh, followers...
[TimCain] Trick question!
[[Troika]Smoove_B] We're still deciding how much control you will have over followers in combat.
[TimCain] Maybe. I like the idea. Cna we add it? Steve? Smoove?
[TimCain] NEXT

[Deathy] [Rawis] Question 3: How many different followers are there that you can pick-up?
[TimCain] Around three dozen...
[[Troika]Steve] Designer question...
[TimCain] NEXT

[|Mistress|] [Bhaal] Are tehre going to be factions? If so, how many will there be? Will joining one faction have an effect on another faction you are in or may want to join?
[Saint_Proverbius] Last question, BTW.
[TimCain] Yes we have factions. You can be in more than one, mostly by gaining a certain reputation. Some do contradict each other.
[TimCain] I am not sure of how many. Rook?
[TheRook] There are currently about 20 or so I think
* [Troika]Smoove_B thanks moderators and participants and waves goodbye
[[Troika]Steve] Currently 27 factions in factions.mes :)
[TimCain] That's 3 cubed!
* Quits: [Troika]Smoove_B (Quit)
[TheRook] There you go...I was off by 7...lots of reputations you can get, too
* mysteriousLee slaps donamating around a bit with a large ... one last time
[donamating] over 70 pages of reputations!!
[donamating] very small pages of course
[TimCain] NEXT? Oh that was the last
[Saint_Proverbius] Yeah, that was the last.

[TimCain] Thanks everyone. Good night.
[Saint_Proverbius] Thanks, Troika folk!
[|Mistress|] Yes, thanks! :D
[[troika]hnguyen] thanks all!
[Deathy] Time to -m, I think. Thanks to all the participants.

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