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Golden Land Zoology - Goldenland Forest

Golden Land Zoology - Goldenland Forest

Codex Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 16 June 2003, 15:37:11

Tags: Burut Creative Team; Golden Land


Nobody did the research of Golden Land's creatures before. I am sure that each traveller wants to know what dangers he can experience in his way. And as far as only ignorant or thoughtless person (and I consider thoughtlessness the most negative part of human personality) could rely on knowledge which he got from the rumors and road stories, so this research is to be the table book for each more or less competent pathfinder.

The fauna of Golden Land is becoming more and more angry and different in relation to people. Maybe it is connected with total decrease of our universe's quality recently. However, many carnivors are waiting for the trespasser over every turning of the road. And, if you get deeper into the forest, the chances that you come back are very little. That's why it is very important to know who exactly can attack you and to be well prepared to it.

Finally, I want to thank my late mom for raising such smart son as I am. If only she had not sent me to the Temple of Great Heroes at my childhood, if only I had not discovered the libraries of High Priest, what could my poor Mom... * the following text is fuzzy because of tears dropped at the paper *


Chapter 1. Goldenland Forest

It is populated with men and creatures. The first are gangsters - the criminals exiled from the settlements and just lovers of road adventures. The most danger, and, so, interest is presented by violias, aspids, shishkuns and chuds.


These magic flying creatures were serving the goddess, Zhiva, but have gained the independence some time ago. In spite of their charming appearance, these beautiful and elegant girls despise the rude humans and don't like the intrusions to their life. Violias live in the dark forests, but sometimes they come to the road. Very often they protect ancient treasures. Violias like to dance, but this dancing has unpleasant magic feature - everyone who seen dancing violas ceases to pronounce "g" forever. So, if you meet someone who says "harden" instead of "garden" and "Holden Land" instead of "Golden Land" - you can be sure he was in the forest and saw violias dancing in the moonlight.


Legends say that aspides are being born from the egg of the bird hatched by viper, or conversely. The result is predictable - the snake with wings which is not able to fly. With all its lack in physics, this creature is really dangerous and poisonous. The dexterous watcher could see how aggressive aspide waves his wings, trying to stand and show the higher growth. This is what shows the bird roots in the snake and the reptile's longing for skies. This feature can really touch anybody! Some pathfinders say that the aspides are trying to fly not only in the moments of danger, but also, for example, when they see the moon.


Horse's legs and long skull distinct this angry half-human being from the other vermins. Shice the ancient times, these sly and angry creatures always were very unpleasant trouble for people. Pathfinders say that they move pretty funny, live by tribes and when they are travelling over the meadow with a green grass - some of them eat juicy leaves and stems. The mission of such long skull remains a mystery. I doubt whether it is full of brains - in this case, shishkuns would force the people out, making their own civilization. As this is not happening, the most evident conclusion is that male shishkuns keep their food, and female shishkuns carry their babies there.

Thanks to Dmitry Glaznev, script-writer of Golden Land for giving us this first glimpse at the beasts of the title!

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