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Golden Land Zoology 2 - Goldenland Forst and Northern Lands

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Golden Land Zoology 2 - Goldenland Forst and Northern Lands

Codex Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 25 June 2003, 19:07:20

Tags: Burut Creative Team; Golden Land

Chapter One. Goldenland Forest (cont.)

Lately I was walking near the forest, capturing the information for this encyclopedia and suddenly came across some kind of gang of small creatures, who, as I realized later, were the children of chudies. Before I was able to understand something, a mature chud came from the large bush where he was hiding and, roaring, attacked me... You know, I never thought I could run like this! But, happily, I escaped and was able to write about one more creature from our forests - chud.


Chudies are the prehuman race of biped creatures. As legends say, it is the first intelligent creatures created by the gods. But, gods have disliked something in them (probably, their ungovernable character), and they had created the human. The hatred of half-minded chudies against people is the envy at more loved and lucky children. The civilization of chudies is now at the most primitive level. They can do the bows and simple tools for hunting and dressing the skins which they cover themselves with. The specialists have definite opinion about that place they cover - chudies have no sexual distinctions. But, there are some information about their language - simple, of course, but sometimes very expressive. It is known that the chudies develop like a human's child till they are five, but their development stops then, and they are always staying at the level of a child.

Chapter Two. Northern Lands and Dead Fields.

These are the green plains, covered with forests, groves and split by the big ravines in some places. They are situated at the north-east from the Svetlograd forest. The legendary Pot-house - the tavern city - is situated in the southern part of the Northern Lands. The roads from Pot-house city lead to south - to Zastava - and to the west - to Maiden Lane. These roads are quite safe, but there are unexplored places to the north of Pot-house city, where the crazy hermit magicians had lived from the ancient times. Besides the aspides and violias, which I had already described, bukas and bagas live in Northern Lands.

Bukas and Bagas

Old legends say that bukas and bagas are the proud tribes of magicians, which became independent from Golden Land and went to the North. That's where they had learned the secrets of the magic School of Shadows, and had known many secrets which lie beyond the understanding of the usual people. Nobody knows what has happened next, but once the travelers who had come to these lands had found the strange creatures instead of proud magicians. They were called bukas and bagas then. They look like enormous frogs without hands, and differ in colour - bukas are violet, and bagas are green. Bagas also have a horn at their forehead, and they can cast a poisoning spell at their enemies with it, as some researchers say. Bukas and bagas are not the most dangerous enemies, but if they bunch into tribes, they become threatening for the lonely trespasser. The last detail is that some pathfinders mark the surprisingly sad sight of these creatures, which is the evidence of their consciousness.

Thanks to Dmitry Glaznev, script-writer of Golden Land for providing us with even more information about the fauna of the game!

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