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Golden Land Zoology 3 - Dead Lands

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Golden Land Zoology 3 - Dead Lands

Codex Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 7 July 2003, 00:32:04

Tags: Burut Creative Team; Golden Land

Chapter three. Dead Lands

These lands are situated to the east to Northern Lands. Once these fertile lands were feeding a lot of people, but they were destroyed by the dark army of Drakh-Shu three hundred years ago. There were hard battles of the people and evil spirits - and this land is covered with the bones and remains of the ancient heroes. Evil magicians who study the minutest details of Shadow and Dark magic live here and raise the corpses from their graves. This is the place where you can meet living skeletons, navias and umrans.


Navias are evil spirits. They are the people whose body is dead, and soul was lost on its way to Veles. The body of this creature rots, and as far as the brain is the part of the body, navias become completely mad. They are quite weak creatures, but their ability to dazzle their enemies can give you some unpleasant moments. Sometimes some of the senses stay in half-rotten body of navia, and then the crowds of navias gather over this creature, making some kind of colony.


The bones raised from the ancient graves seem very pitiful, but they are very hard and can cause enough danger. Usually this is the by-product of some dark magicians' experiments. After the experiment they don't want to take the trouble usually - they just let the living skeletons go. Usually skeletons fight with some rusty old axes which were in fashion some hundreds of years ago.


Umrans are evil spirits, too. Umrans rise from their graves by themselves, not like skeletons. These are the people who died a violent death and then were buried wrong way or weren't buried at all. Every full moon there's a probability of that the corpse will rise from his grave and will become an umran, but this probability decreases with full body decay. The pathfinders see how the blue and green umrans lose their heads time to time literally - their heads just fall off the bodies.

Thanks to Dmitry Glaznev, script-writer of Golden Land for writing up this piece about things dead that still need killing!

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