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  • Tonight on Tranny-Ghost Hunters!

    Professor Acrux and his ghost hunting assistant are here live to destroy the ghost of a tranny that continues to haunt the elementary school in death that it terrorized as an adult in life.
    "Not to worry," said professor Acrux. "These ghosts seem dangerous but they are actually quite easy to dispel."

    "But Professor Acrux, you can only banish a ghost if you know his true name," his assistant reminded him.

    "I know," responded the professor. "I looked up his birth certificate."

    "Noooo!!!! You live named me! Nooooo!!!!!" the ghost screamed as he disappeared into hell.
    What the fuck? You have an avatar now? I almost didn't recognize you. It looks pretty cool, by the way.
    Had to wait for the Faceless achievement for those sweet, sweet Kodex Kredits.
    Actually, I was just to lazy look for a good one until this weekend.
    I'm a little late to these, but I'm looking forward to both SKALD and Urban Strife. I haven't been this excited for new games in a while.
    Nothing for months, and now the end of March looks like it will have several decent releases or updates.
    Vote anyway!! You never know how many other salmon there are also swimming against the stream...
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