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Recent content by Berekän

  1. Berekän

    Incline Colony Ship RELEASE THREAD

    Nobody posting this: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/648410/view/6356337676021418960
  2. Berekän

    Screenshot thread

    I'd wager he's playing on a Steam Deck
  3. Berekän

    In Progress Dominions 6 - Rise of the Pantokrator: The New Decline a.k.a ProfessionalThroneSitters MP Match (Ongoing!)

    Found out you can check the status of the game from here, no notifications, sadly, but at least it can spare you from opening the game just to check if your turn is due: http://ulm.illwinter.com/dom6/server/CodexGame.html
  4. Berekän

    Incline Dominions 6

    You need to have a commander with priest spells cast blessing/divine blessing on your sacred units, after which they'll get the benefits of your bless, so never send your sacreds without a priest/prophet in the army.
  5. Berekän

    Games where you uncover mysteries of lost ancient space civilization

    That's the exact premise of The Dig
  6. Berekän

    Incline Dominions 6

    There's a toggle for that in the options, available in Dom 5 too.
  7. Berekän

    Good games to play with young children

    There's no legislation against exposing random young children to hardcore RPGs
  8. Berekän

    Vapourware Spire of Sorcery - turn-based RPG where you play a party of runaway mages - abandoned in Early Access

    I completely forgot about this game, but I remember being excited about the first iteration. I wonder how they arrived at the conclusion that saying "yeah we burnt out a year ago and stopped working on the game completely, please buy our next one" would work well for them.
  9. Berekän

    In Progress Dominions 6 - Rise of the Pantokrator: The New Decline a.k.a ProfessionalThroneSitters MP Match (Ongoing!)

    Should be easier than ever, if you've only used Llama before, you just get into the multiplayer lobby, search for the game when it's created and connect to it to upload your pretender. Once the game has started you just do your turns on it and they're automatically sent, no need to fiddle by...
  10. Berekän

    Games with good "Detective Mechanics"

    This one was fun, I recommend taking notes extensively because there's a lot of text you have to scour through and it's easy to forget something relevant in a page you looked at 30 mins ago after you went on a different rabbit hole. It's easy to get stuck because you missed a keyword at some...
  11. Berekän

    Chants of Sennaar

    This one's good. I've seen people online compare it to Obra Dinn, it certainly plays some similar notes in how it makes you feel like you have to use actual intelligence and deduction skills, however it is far away from the brilliance of Obra Dinn, it's too telegraphed in some areas and feels...
  12. Berekän

    In Progress Dominions 6 - Rise of the Pantokrator: The New Decline a.k.a ProfessionalThroneSitters MP Match (Ongoing!)

    I think we're going with Illwinter's server, llamaserver isn't updated to Dom6 yet in any case.
  13. Berekän

    Incline Dominions 6

    Good luck with that, it's going to be different for every nation and for every pretender even.

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