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Crooked Bee
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  • Trooly a steller speceemee ooff let's pley creeturs. I heeghly injuy zee leeterery shenuneeguns ooff thees qooeleety puster. Börk Börk Börk!
    Alert! Trophy: Somebody likes you!

    You did this to me . . .

    Have a pretty flower. :/
    *Tinkers a bit with the new profile options, notices the stalking option* :what:

    Well, the "initiate a conversation" option seems fun
    Hey guise, what's going on here...?
    Crooked Bee
    Crooked Bee
    Sup Haba. I thought about stalking you, but your status scares me.
    Yeah, I am a dangerous man. But who knows, you might like it.
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