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Crooked Bee
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  • I'll have to check if there are any gameplay videos on youtube.
    Crooked Bee
    Crooked Bee
    You may as well check out my Wizardry LP -- the gameplay is exactly the same ;)

    I did find it extremely enjoyable, and I recommend it if you like blobbers. If you prefer isometric tactical RPGs though, then you should rather try SMT: Devil Survivor and Devil Survivor 2 for the Nintendo DS.
    What game is your avatar from?
    Crooked Bee
    Crooked Bee
    The Dark Spire, an awesome Wizardry-like game for the Nintendo DS. (Can be easily emulated on the PC, too!)

    It's pretty much like Wizardry 1-3 though, so I can only recommend it if you enjoy that kind of gameplay. Still one of the best RPGs of the past decade, imo. (And the art style is much better than in your average Japanese game.)
    Hey, bee, where's this worm avatar thingy from? Strongest deja vu :(
    Crooked Bee
    Crooked Bee
    Hey, it's from Wizardry VI for SNES. But maybe you've seen a similar creature elsewhere - these worm thingies are all over the genre!
    "You have insufficient privileges to post here."

    You can post in places that I can't? I think you need to check your privilege missy.
    I remember you saying something about Hamann once, this is something I just learned: "he wanted his collected works to be published under the title “Curative Baths” (“Saalbadereyen” — a reference to healing practices of the time and an allusion to his father's profession.) Each volume was to be called a ‘Tub’."
    Crooked Bee
    Crooked Bee
    Wannchen is a wonderfully eccentric title for a book, isn't it? I remember reading about it in a biography of Hamann - there was a quote there that implied it wasn't just a reference to his father's profession, but also to the ritual washing of feet, in the Biblical sense.
    Just got to the Colonel's Bequest LP that you suggested, it's fantastic! Now I don't want it to end. t.t
    I am eternally in love with you for Dark Heart of Uukrul LP.

    Thank you.
    I appreciate your work of late. :brofist:
    Unintentionally awesome side effect of your new avatar: Posts you've originally written that I've responded to now show my avatar with a tiny yellow bee in the upper-left corner because of the way the forum overlays your avatar on threads you've posted in.
    Do image links work in these things?
    [edit] Guess they don't :(
    Oh well. It was a hack job anyway. It needs shading and tits monocle. I'll see about revising it and posting it at an Emotionally Engaging time & place.
    [edit #2]
    Can't even use bbcode? WTF is this shit?
    I can't think of anyone more deserving of recognition than you. Keep the playground inclining!
    Congratulations on the promotion Bee! I really didn't see that one coming, but I can't think of anyone from rhe current generation of Codex members who would do the job better. :salute:
    I like how the little girl turned into a evil dark wizard when promoted to Staff. Power corrupts, and Codexian Power...INCLINES!

    And by what twisted logic you are not playground mod? :P
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