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  • That was really rude, I was trying to get to 777 ignored members and you crushed my dream. I was so close! Don't you understand the importance of the power of 7?
    DarkUnderlord, could you please remove the lag and random redirections to RPGWatch please? I haven't done any spamming or unproductive posting, and I promise to be a good boy.
    please :(
    thank you so much!
    Mother Russia
    Your brown nosing is pathetic Liberal, and very typical of bankers.
    sup dawg, i donated i think 25 bucks under my same username but wrote some bullshit, just wanted to say that i care more about the servers than indiegogo, just saying.
    I forgot to re-input my forum tag when I donated a couple dollars to the PE drive. I think the name on my paypal account is Wimmer. I hope I donated enough for Race Traitor tag!

    PS: Your original post outlining the PE fundraiser was freaking hilarious... too bad Bee changed it.
    Nope, you put your name in. It's in my list.
    Your pathetic begging will not be tolerated.
    Hi DarkUnderlord.

    Just wanted to say I am sorry for what I did. I was in a bad mood at the time of those reports, but yes, that's no excuse for something that amounts to spam. Not making any appeals here, but yes, an apology is due one way or another.
    Speak English. It's "the".
    Thanks DU. You da dude.
    hey i wanted to make my latest thread to have the votes publicly visible can you change it bro?
    I am pleased to see all these changes. Thank you for keeping this community together
    What did I do to deserve such treatment, sir? I am but a humble admirer of your diplomatic skill and web programming prowess.
    Fuck you and your humble admiration.
    I get a feeling that you dislike like me a bit. I'm terribly sorry but I will have to ignore you from now on, I don't like people who don't like me. =(
    hey DarkUnderlord, I'm lonely. Will you love me tonight?
    Good job with the overhaul on this site DarkUnderlord. Seems to be running faster and the GUI is enjoyable. I particularly like alerts as it makes it much easier to find an old topic where someone made a quote of my post. I give you a 9.5/10 so far.
    The login and password fields turn white when you click them, so you can't see what you're writing. Just thought you would want to know.
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