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  • Limbo and Alan Wake's American Nightmare have been added to my 'finished games' list. Both were pretty cool. Resumed my DN3D playthrough.
    Finally finished Crusader Kings II, after a year of playing (with breaks). Next playthrough: when they are done making all the damn DLC.
    Spent last three weeks playing Crusader Kings II and Baldur's Gate II. These games can really eat up a lot of time.
    Started playing Duke 3D with the high-res patch. Managed to reach episode 2 when Exp.: Conquistador was released and switched to that.
    I resumed my Condemned playthrough abandoned back in May 2010, and finished it. Not sure if I like this game. Glad to be done with it.
    Amnesia The Dark Descent was a good game, but I uninstalled it with a sigh of relief when I finished it. No plans to play the DLC too.
    I started Amnesia (again), but I'm not making any promises to myself in regard to finishing it. Scared.
    Zeno Clash 2 completed. It was almost as good as the first one, despite creators' best effort to ruin it with Unreal Engine 3.
    ME3 Citadel DLC was surprisingly fun, probably because it did not take itself very seriously. It's good to be finished with this game.
    Finished Brutal Legend. Time to go back to my BG2 LP... or is it? It's good to be finished with this game.
    Finished Endless Space (was decent) and Alan Wake (was great!). Now playing: Brutal Legend. Also: Max Payne 3 was disappointing.
    Make that 2018, as I've been sharing my free time between NV and Crusader Kings II, which has proven to be rather addictive.
    Trying to play New Vegas, but lack of time means 2 hours of progress per week. Should finish the game by 2015 at this rate.
    I enjoyed Prey, until my motherboard died after a short circuit. Waiting for a replacement. EDIT: Prey finished, was p. good.
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