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  • Hey Andy! Long time no see!
    I am sorry about your mother, she was a good woman, and I still remember the cookies she used to cook for us, yummy!
    Well, that's it for now, but call me later, we have so much to discuss!
    Take care,
    Can you explain me what's a hit dice?
    Mother Russia
    Yes. It is the number of dice used to calculate hit points of a character or creature. For example, if you were playing a warrior with a d10 hit dice, that means that character rolls 1d10 for hit points likely every level (so 1-10 hp per level) For monsters/creatures the number is static(and is much bigger) as monsters are enemies and usually have no need to level up.
    Cosmic Misogynerd
    Why don't you play CK2? It's the only game where you can play Muslims (including those from al-Andalus) and force infidels to convert at the point of the sword.
    Mother Russia
    My laptop struggles just to play Minesweeper. :(
    I thought you were a banker? You must have accumulated enough jewgolds to buy a better laptop or a gaming PC.
    Mother Russia
    :lol: You do realize I was seriously considering getting a loan to purchase an smartphone years ago right? (thank God I didn't go through with it) Do a search in GD on a thread I made last year I think, wherein a bunch of us discussed our monthly incomes/salaries. You'll enjoy it. In fact, add in your own pay there if you can I don't recall the thread name or I would link you to it myself.
    Brofisting yourself, Andhaira? You dumbass. I told you to behave yourself. Now you've seriously pissed DU off. Do you know he's about to ban you again?
    Mother Russia
    It's a temp brofist ban mah nigga. Nuttin to worry about. Plus, I can still brofist with my mod account.
    Georgia is far superior to Pukistan in each and every way.
    Mother Russia
    But Pakistan has nukes...and an actual airforce. Georgia's joke of an Air Force was wiped out in 2008
    who gives a shit? Pukistan picked and lost wars with India, and Georgia has a much higher standard of living than Pukistan, despite two centuries of Russian occupation that ended less than 10 years ago
    Pukistan = fail
    Mother Russia
    But...we have nukes, the ultimate trump card

    What is your 'standard' of living gonna do when 25 Megaton BABAR missiles come skreaming down on you?
    Hi. Are you off your meds? Could you stop posting like an angsty teenager? You're worse than Hiver at the moment.
    the library is not a forum where you bump threads.
    no interest = thread dies.

    When someone makes a Total Recall thread, you lock it because there was a months old Total Recall thread before.

    Is bumping okay or is bumping not okay?
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