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  • I'm trying to give more credit to you quality posters who talk about RPGs, thanks. No amount of informative or incisive posts on your part will stop the world from changing, but your minority still make them. Have a good one.
    Damn, looked at your Steam profile and your games-reviewed-to-games-owned ratio is tiny! Go mad with power, review all the things! :D
    ngl u can be pretty bigoted
    oh hi you are back.
    if u have any spare keys please consider gibing me.
    It's behind a year wall (or donation) like shoutbox now so that when the average tard drops a key straight into a post konjad/CH get it instead of bots.
    Multi-headed Cow
    Multi-headed Cow
    No kidding? That's some shit. Guess it makes some sense, but all the same that's why I always did regular giveaways and sent it via PM rather than just chucking bare keys in there.
    Yeah a lot of people do draws, just some lazier people dump keys. I always try to give people a day at least to put in a request for stuff I give away just because being a kwa I've seen lots of good stuff disappear to first come first serve between euros while I am sleep. But yeah your giftsravaganza is going strong at 626 pages now and a subforum of its own within GG.

    It was dumb of you to leave because of those CDS guys btw
    Multi-headed Cow
    Multi-headed Cow
    Maybe, but I still feel that DU did wrong.
    Multi-headed Cow
    Multi-headed Cow
    DU released a dude's name which DU had since he'd donated to the Codex and/or done a Kickstarter through the Codex. Dude was admittedly being pissy at DU but the difference is DU has/had his information on the Codex publicly available
    Multi-headed Cow
    Multi-headed Cow
    CDS was the Codex Diversity Squad, group of Codexers who would chat and play games and then a bunch of 'em left after that, including me. Only reason I came back years later was because of Kingmaker. Think that's the gist of everything
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