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    As I've explained once, I mark with ignore people that are pointless to argue with and only skim their posts unless something catch my attention.

    What have I said in the past so onerous I deserved the treatment? I'm not mad (well... maybe a little miffed, I like your posts), I've been curious for awhile now.

    Nothing, I've got annoyed by rating notifications spam from when you were catching up with Ukrainian megathread.
    I'm curious and check out ratings of my recent posts and they were drowned in your ratings of old posts.

    During our last exchange started by my wrongful accusation I realized I still have you on ignore and unignored, sorry I had no idea you would care in the slightest.
    OLED errand-boy doorknob-level NPC if I ever saw one
    I'm skipping OLED due to burn in, and wait for mLED, but it offers the best picture currently.

    To shit on my profle because of this thread btw... you have issues, dude.
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