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Sep 5, 2020
Aug 22, 2016
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Trapped in a bioform


Arcane, Male, from Trapped in a bioform

Swen is a false messiah but he has stones of diamond to make an isometric, turn based, ad&d rpg instead of decline that BG1/2 fans wanted. Feb 28, 2020

Valky was last seen:
Sep 5, 2020
    1. saeci
      you think you can hide from me negro?
    2. AdvancedHero
      where are you
      1. Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
    3. Valky
      Swen is a false messiah but he has stones of diamond to make an isometric, turn based, ad&d rpg instead of decline that BG1/2 fans wanted.
      1. grimace brofisted this.
    4. Valky
      Ys 8 is utterly brilliant.
      1. Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
      2. Hobo Elf
        Hobo Elf
        I miss solo Adol. Having to beat the long ass game first to unlock that feature is sad.
        Feb 12, 2020
    5. saeci
      fellow weeb
      1. Dreed and Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
      2. Valky
        I'm suing you for libel.
        Feb 1, 2020
        Dreed, Maxie, Strange Fellow and 1 other person brofisted this.
    6. Valky
      If it is real time, it isn't an RPG.
      1. Dreed and Life Coach brofisted this.
      2. rusty_shackleford
        Every game is turn based if you're fast enough
        Jan 25, 2020
      3. RNGsus
        I would go even further: if its real time, then its a sim, not a game.
        Jan 25, 2020
        luj1 and Dreed brofisted this.
      4. luj1
        Feb 3, 2020
    7. Valky
      Otoya Yamaguchi is a national hero and his act of selflessness should be remembered annually.
    8. Sherry
      how many special ppl change how many lives are living strange where were u when we were getting high? WHERE WERE U WHILE WE WERE GETTING HIGH!? Happy 2020!
      1. BING XI LAO and Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
      2. Valky
        Sherry I think YOU were the one who was high when you went on a rampage posting on profiles the other day.
        Jan 21, 2020
      3. Sherry
        Gosh! You noticed? <3
        Jan 21, 2020
        Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
    9. Valky
      La Mulana achieves mastery in every facet of game design. It is nothing short of a masterpiece.
      1. Dreed and Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
      2. Modron
        is it the Citizen Kane of videogames?
        Jan 16, 2020
        Dreed and Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
      3. Citizen
        Dark Souls of adventure games?
        Jan 16, 2020
        Dreed and Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
      4. Valky
        Modron: I consider replay-ability as an essential aspect of a class A masterpiece, and due to the gameplay focus on puzzles, replay-ability in that aspect is low unless you can forget all of the answers. Therefore it is only a class B masterpiece, able to give highest value for the first comprehensive playthrough rather than a class A, which could give high value for multiple comprehensive playthroughs.
        Jan 16, 2020
        Sukhāvatī and Dreed brofisted this.
    10. Valky
      Oh nooooo, windows 7 support ended today. My computer spontaneously combusted, uploaded my social security, bank details, and kicked my dog.
      1. Dreed brofisted this.
      2. rusty_shackleford
        Why would anyone using a botnet OS care about support to begin with
        Jan 14, 2020
      3. Valky
        Mostly extreme shilling to try to force people to use the new product(tm). At this point these silly articles I'm reading sound desperate to get people to downgrade, almost like they are begging.
        Jan 14, 2020
        Dreed brofisted this.
      4. Goi~Yaas~Dinn
        I'm hopping to Linux after my time with OS X is up. Fuck Apple fuck Microsoft fuck Google. All of them are selling their customers as the product or very seriously thinking about it.
        Jan 15, 2020
        Dreed brofisted this.
    11. Valky
      Slashing damage is merely a 2D representation of piercing damage, and striking damage is merely a 2D representation of slashing damage
      1. Citizen
        In 2d universe crushing damage weapons would not exist cause they require a surface to impact. Only slashing and piercing.
        Dec 21, 2019
    12. saeci
      I'm tracking you down.
      1. Magnat and Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
    13. Valky
      A second tablet, of set of nine. To seek out the owl, and clock divine.
      1. Dreed, Magnat and Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
    14. Valky
      Finally killed Palenque after a few dozen deaths and learning the rolling shuriken. Fuck you!
    15. Valky
      Real time with pozz
      1. 18252 brofisted this.
    16. Valky
      Venturing forth past the City of Waterport, Raghilda's Fanclub delves into the Bahomet Megalith. We suspect a tablet may be found at the top
      1. 18252 brofisted this.
    17. Valky
      After destroying the evil that dwelled beneath the Village of Crowl, Raghilda's Fanclub saved Q'orl from cruel bondage and went to Waterport
    18. Valky
      Grimoire is like those MMOs that you hear stories about where a guy locks himself in his room and never leaves it for weeks.
      1. Dreed and Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
      2. Bigg Boss
        Bigg Boss
        This sentence confuses me. I would need to go really in depth to unpack that sentence which doesn't really work with such a limited text limit.
        Nov 30, 2019
      3. Valky
        I've been playing Grimoire nonstop for almost 3 days straight now because it's so addicting. Just one more map..
        Nov 30, 2019
        Dreed and Bigg Boss brofisted this.
      4. Bigg Boss
        Bigg Boss
        So this is a good self imposed exile. Thanks for explaining. I hear people either love or hate that so I wasn't sure.
        Nov 30, 2019
    19. Valky
      If she doesn't like blobber, her outlook's macabre.
      1. Dreed brofisted this.
    20. Valky
      Born too late to explore the Earth. Born too early to explore the stars. Born just in time to explore Hyperborea.
      1. Dreed, alkeides 2.0 and LeStryfe79 brofisted this.
      2. agentorange
        born just in time to dab on boomers
        Nov 8, 2019
      3. Valky
        Nov 9, 2019
        agentorange brofisted this.
    21. Valky
      Hotline Miami's soundtrack is straight FIRE
      1. Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
    22. Valky
      Whoa holy shit submarines can stay underwater for months at a time and create breathable air through a process called electrolysis.
      1. grimace, Dreed, 18252 and 2 others brofisted this.
      2. Jonathan "Zee Cat
        Jonathan "Zee Cat
        wait until you find out spaceships can transform piss on O2 and drinkable water...
        Oct 11, 2019
    23. Valky
      It's pissing me off how we're at least 5 years of development behind on Terraria to accommodate the console and mobile faggots.
      1. Jacob brofisted this.
    24. Valky
      Version control is just a fancy term software developers use to justify save scumming on the job.
      1. Dreed brofisted this.
      2. Citizen
        True software devs work in ironman mode. No version control, no backups, no QA, no code documentation. If you fuck up you lose the job and begin a new playthrough
        Sep 16, 2019
        Dreed brofisted this.
      3. circuit breaker
        circuit breaker
        There are donation drives for hurricane victims, but what about git rebase victims??
        Sep 16, 2019
    25. Valky
      It's crazy to think that we now live in year 2 A.G. (After Grimoire)
      1. Dreed, Sukhāvatī and 18252 brofisted this.
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    Trapped in a bioform
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    Real time with pause is the decline killing all that is good in the world.

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