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  • Are you the same vota dc from paradox plaza?
    The Brazilian Slaughter
    The Brazilian Slaughter
    Wow, I remember you from the FODD thread! I think I suspected you two were one and same once, but my brain never tied dots. How ya doing?
    vota DC
    Good. I have a stable job since 2 years. I am also on other forums l'ile taleworlds and bear's pit, fed2k and birthright (the latter 3 are stagnating). I am a little worried about paradox: their new games aren't good and there aren't many ideas on their forums. For example there Is a lot more about modding Age of wonders here than in Aow paradox subforum while Age of wonders old forum was full of resources.
    "I have a stable job"

    You are a disgrace to your entire nation
    Hail, Compagno. How's going in the age when we were still relevant?

    Ammetto che la scelta del nickname mi diverte, i manifesti di propaganda della DC erano sempre gran cosa, superiori persino a noi comunisti.
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