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  1. Tyranicon

    Decline How to promote an AAA RPG in 2024

    Hello RPG enthusiasts and possible lurkers from AAA studios, Today I will be giving some advice on how to properly market big-budget games in the modern year. As we all know, gaming consumers are highly intelligent and have only the most impeccable taste, so you need the proper know-how when it...
  2. Not.AI

    Decline What is AAA?

    That question needs its own thread and poll. So what is it? Because there is nothing like statistics in the morning. Hey. Also suggest more poll options.
  3. Wunderbar

    Elder Scrolls Todd Howard Appreciation Thread

    I used to dislike Bethesda after Oblivion and Fo3, but now that triple-A RPG industry is in the gutter, Todd seems like the only savior. You all know the history. Bioware sold out to EA and immediately went gay, each of their new games after DAO turned out to be worse than the previous one...
  4. "AAA" is a marketing tool

    Created by corporations to sell you tools overpriced garbage pulp fiction games.
  5. Crooked Bee

    "Bethesda's anti-consumer review policy comes as no surprise - And reminds us not to pre-order"

    Alien vs Predator: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/10/26/bethesda-outline-anti-consumer-review-policy/ I don't mean to defend Bethesda because I think this is a dick move on their part, but I did lol at how RPS are pulling the "Stop preordering!" card because they've been denied advance...

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