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  1. TheHeroOfTime

    Oblivion is an underrated gem

  2. cyborgboy95

    Elder Scrolls Rumor: The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Remake from Virtuous Game - coming late 2024 or early 2025

    Why remake Oblivion (generic European medieval fantasy) first instead of Morrowind (unique setting) I wonder? Maybe Morrowind is next??
  3. TheHeroOfTime

    Gamebryo is not bad

    I've had the realisation that the engine Bethesda uses since Morrowind in every game they develop (I think Starfield also has it) it's not actually that terrible. During the years I've seen people online claiming that this engine is outdated, or even that it's the cause of why these games tend...
  4. Cryomancer

    What is the point of low lethality?

    Oblivion is the most iconic example, on normal, at lv 40+, with maxed STR, magically enchanted daedric warhammer, maxed blunt weapon, some mobs like Xivilais can soak 50 hits. Each lv up of the player gives + 12 hp to a Xivilai but each lv up from the player hardly gives +1 damage and has a hard...
  5. Pentium

    Morrowind/Oblivion Difficulty Settings

    As you know, Morrowind and Oblivion are (in)famous for their horrendous difficulty sliders that can even be adjusted during the game (that's not so terrible, many games allow players to adjust difficulty mid-game) and cover as much as 200 different values in (patched) Morrowind. I don't know the...
  6. Vlajdermen

    Elder Scrolls What makes for good quest design?

    Ever since the top 101 came out, this particular aspect of RPGs has been on my mind. It's usually the main point of praise for Oblivion, and I've said it myself that it's the best part of Underrail. I didn't elaborate much because I didn't know how to explain the difference between good and bad...
  7. Kliwer

    Playing Two Worlds for the first time

    Sooo… I was looking for some light game to make a break from more “serious” cRPGs (Wizards and Warriors, Amberstar), something more action-oriented. I have noticed that near Christmas I had bought a few games on GOG (very cheaply), Two Worlds among them. So I have tried. And, well… I’m very...
  8. Don Peste

    Old gaming podcasts / radio shows available online (90s & 00s)

    I've got a few favourite gaming podcasts but I'd like to find out if there are any old shows from the 90s and 00s available online, no matter if mp3, YouTube or other. Any recommendations?
  9. Oblivion first time modded or vanilla

    Yes, i am gonna play Oblivion. First time ever. Only ES game i've played was Morrowind. So wanna see the rest. I know what kind of shit is Oblivion, read it tons of times everywhere. I also compiled a huge modlist both for graphics and gameplay. For visual side they make the game prettier than...
  10. HarveyBirdman

    TES Lore Thread

    The Codex does not have a thread dedicated to TES lore. I'm extremely disappointed, legitimately shocked, and frankly saddened that nobody here has thought to discuss TES lore in depth. Why disappointed? Because quality discussion has a home here, and this particular quality discussion has not...
  11. buru5

    The Tale of Nickies Black (Oblivion)

    The following is an interesting story I ran across while browsing some boards online. Some guy (named Nickies) used the Skull of Corruption glitch to permanently clone himself and now seems to be implying that his clone has gained sentience and is outsmarting him at every turn. Here's the text...

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