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  1. Lhynn

    Turn-Based Tactics Recon control

    Recon control is an indie, low budget turn based tactical rpg in which you lead a team of soldiers through several campaigns, they start out as rookies with some basic skills, but you can dictated how they level up and the gear they have available. It is a bit of a mystery to me as why the codex...
  2. Galdred

    Quartermaster General: WW2 in 2 hours + Now with WW1!

    I was a big fan of World in Flames when I was younger, and managed to save one room (yes, you need one entire room to play the game!) when we moved on to play it with friends for 10 days when I was a teenager. We met every day from 9 AM to 8PM to play the game. And we got to December 1941...
  3. Alexey

    Codex of Victory (Early Access open)

    Hi All, We have opened a new turn-based strategy game "Codex of Victory" in Steam Early Access and now looking for an active community to shape final months of game development. We have several features that we want to discuss with players before implementing. The game is in an active...

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