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Amnesia: Rebirth - sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent set in the desert of Algeria

Mary Sue Leigh

Aug 31, 2012
Well I don't know what it is with the somewhat simple ghost stuff but seeing how phasmophobia was mentioned ; I tried that too and similar games and the amount of women playing those seemed quite significant. And those are games with no story and just spooks for the sake of being spooky. I haven't checked but I'd assume you'll find a majority of female streamers for this "genre". I didn't like the game that much myself because it's still way too broken and the concept of multiplayer actually seems more detrimental to the experience, but it isn't balanced to play alone, and not really exciting that way either..
Buuut hey, maybe Frictional was really on to something here with the pregnancy theme..

As for Soma, I mostly couldn't feel for the characters because it's my belief machines cannot ever be truly sentient, only act as if they were, which would of course happen if they were programmed to act upon memories of a real person and simulate being them. AI chatbots are pretty good these days but I don't think they are really sentient even if some are programmed to say so. It's just like how I believe if you would "transplant your consciousness" into a machine, you would actually die, and create a machine that acts as if it were you, but without the ability to change from that point on (like a read-only backup copy) which I think is ultimately what happens in the game. But as initially said, my understanding of this matter is very limited.
I actually think true sentience requires something that cannot be artificially created, like a soul, if you will. And for that I will be rightfully mocked :D
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Jan 24, 2013
This still costs too much, by comparison with what I'm expecting..

Worth it, on sale maybe..?
Just as an aside, I absolutely didn't like Soma. Its themes are way too big for my hamster brain to comprehend, let alone be impacted by in any way. People like me are the reason they added spoopy monsters in maze to run away from sections because the existential dread is simply lost on our ilk.
At least under water is scary setting.
If you hated the good storytelling of SOMA, but loved SOMA's bad gameplay, then Amnesia Rebirth is just the game for you.


May 28, 2016
Lost Continent of Mu
Fredrik from Frictional started doing a dev commentary. Here is part one:

I haven't watched the entire vid but here are some timestamps:
*2:10 he tells us he was the Creative Lead, but someone else was Creative Lead before him and Fredrik got the role pretty late in development.
*20:07 he talks about the jumpscares. Adamant that they are in fact not jumpscares at all.
*31:14 he talks about cool stuff cut from the game. Having more open desert area, heat management, thirst and sand worms.
*37:36 he talks about the protagonist being talkative. "If you go into this game with the mindset that we wanted you to have" sounds like something Thomas Grip would say.
*58:01 he gets asked if the the development was troubled, denies. 01:01:20 most of the game was set but he needed to "find the core of the game".
*01:28:19 uh... criticism is subjective. Downplays criticism of course.

I'll watch more some other time.

EDIT: Back at it.

More timestamps:
*01:41:17 He regrets having Tasi falling down cliffs/holes/whatever so many times during the game. Good.
*01:50:00 He explains why they didn't bring back voice actors from Dark Descent, the only voices heard should be voices Tasi has heard before.
*02:15:10 The playtesters were friends of the developers... lol?
*03:02:41 Yeah yeah, Fredrik probably wants to make an immersive sim. That's good.

I'll watch the rest later...

EDIT2: Not much else interesting happening.

*03:11:30 Explains the role of Creative Lead. Thomas has final say but gives Fredrik a lot of autonomy.
*03:57:26 Some things that they wanted to do in Rebirth but didn't, inspired stuff in The Bunker instead.

Oh well, I'll watch part two another day.
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Mar 15, 2014
I played about a quarter of an hour of this thing and got utterly disgusted. Never touched it again. Thankfully it was for free on Epic.

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